Zippy Lately (March 14 – March 20, 2011)


1. “With Special Guests – Fukuyama Masaharu Remake”

If you follow J-Pop then hopefully you’ve heard of Fukuyama Masaharu. He may not be known for any anime openings or endings, but he’s known to have released many song and albums that have charted incredibly high in Japan. Plus he constantly is showing up on any and every Oricon poll for the ladies, so he’s got that going for him too. Thanks to his status in the music industry Fukuyama has decided it’s time for a remake album, and this one is reflecting the changing J-Pop world by featuring K-Pop artists. The first song released was a cover of Fukuyama’s track “Niji” by K-Pop boy band B2ST. Shortly thereafter 2AM released a cover of Fukuyama’s “The Best Love“, which he himself called better than the original. Now a third track by K-Pop’s G.Na, covering Fukuyama’s “Milk Tea“, has been released. While this will certainly be a treat for K-Pop fans, this will allow J-Pop fans who may have been wary about the Korean Wave to be introduced to K-Pop through already familiar songs. While the full album won’t be released till March 30th you can check out the currently released songs via, and I strongly recommend you do just that.


2. Highschool of the Dead Blu-Ray

Thanks to Section23 we’re going to get to see all that Highschool of the Dead has to offer in high definition. The release of Highschool of the Dead on Blu-Ray and DVD will be in June and both will feature dub and sub. That is all.


3. Black Rock-chan

While this news is from a week or two ago I thought it important enough to mention seeing as how I am the resident Black Rock Shooter fanboy. That being said the release of a 4-Panel B.R.S., titled “Black Rock-chan”, manga totally took me by surprise. I haven’t had the chance sadly to read the manga yet, but based on the pictures I have seen I think I’m going to find this quite amusing and enjoyable.


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