Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: How to Help


[Img. Source = http://howtofixblogs.com/japan-hit-by-tsunamis-after-8-9-quake/]

While many of our staff were occupied and away this past week (hence lack of updates), we couldn’t help but be aware of the cataclysmic earthquake that shook Japan, the tsunamis, and the continued effects thereafter.  Of course this is a tramautic event by anyone’s standards, but for those of us who so proudly call ourselves ‘otaku’ and really embrace Japanese media and aspects of their culture this has a unique meaning.  Many among us have visited Japan, and perhaps even the affected areas, while some have friends over there or even live there currently.

Keeping in mind then the greater connectedness we share with Japan, and ideally humanity’s own sense of benevolence, we implore you to help those in their time of need.  To this end we will compile a list of ways in which you can help provide aid.  If you know of other ways that we can help please let us know by posting in the comment section below this post.

How to Help

American RedCross

Crunchyroll (Matches Donations)


The Salvation Army

People Finder – If you are looking for someone in the affected regions, or are trying to provide information about an individual, yourself, or others then use this site. (Multi-Language)


One comment

  1. I know with the Red Cross gives you Amazon Payments as an option to donate, so if you already have your Amazon account set up to pay out of you wont have to re-enter to card/account info. Very easy. Please donate if you can. I read an article today that said the donation rate is extreamly low so far for this relief aid. I think people are hesitant since Japan is such a major economy & they think they can handle their own. Thousands have been days without food or clean water and are freezing to death. Now they have the fear of a radiation crisis… If it happened here (which it can) we would want all the help we could get.

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