Zippy Lately (February 28 – March 6, 2011)


1. Aquarion Evol

Rarely have I found a series that is genuinely entertaining and Iyet totally deserves to be laughed at many times over. Aquarion is such a series. While I enjoyed the characters, story, and fight sequences, the concept of ‘merging’ was just too much for me.  If you haven’t seen Aquarion essentially the characters fight in mechs which when needed have the ability to merge together to form larger fighters. This isn’t a foreign concept of course, but till now I’ve never seen a show make the merge such an orgasmic experience.  If you don’t believe me, or are just really curious, check out this video that compiles many of the merge sequences. Oh and believe me the creators totally knew what they were doing. Anyways despite the silly merges I still really came to appreciate the show.

So when I read that Aquarion was getting a follow-up series I was pleasently surprised. According to Anime News Network’s article the series is called Aquarion Evol. While the amount of information about the show thus far is limited, the banner for Aquarion Evol clearly features three new characters. Whether this will be involve the characters from the first season, or star an entirely new cast in the same universe, is as of this writing still a mystery.


2. Cosplay in America: The Magazine

We’ve discussed here with great frequency the awesome book of cosplay photography Cosplay in America created by photographer Ejen Chuang. We even had the pleasure to chat with him at Anime Weekend Atlanta (interview found here), one of the original con stops from his Cosplay in America photo shoot tour. Now it seems like we’ll have much more to talk with him about next we meet since he is starting up his own cosplay magazine! Ejen has detailed a few items he’s specifically pushing for in the magazine including: interviews, city guides, tutorials and make-up guides, con scene photos, and cosplay photo stories. I know I speak for many fans of cosplay and Ejen’s work when I say that I am excited to see this come forth and wish him the best!

If you want to find out more information about this project, or would like to perhaps help, then check out Ejen’s website: For the specific magazine announcement post check click here to read it.


3. Polysics: 140 Characters or Less

For the first time that I’m aware of Twitter is letting its users take advantage of a feature to ‘supplement’ their avatar image. While that might not be exciting enough on its own what is exciting is that this is in tandem with a promotion of Polysic’s new album. The Polysics are recognized for their unique style almost as much as their music, and now fans can share their appreciation visually via Twitter. To learn more check out’s article.


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