Zippy Lately (February 21 – February 27, 2011)

1. ConNooga ’11

This past weekend Chattanooga was host to ConNooga, a multi-fandom convention that covers a wide variety of genres such as paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, writing, comics, indie films, horror, and more. I had the pleasure to head ConNooga’s anime department for a second time, and together with a crack group of volunteers I think we pulled together quite a show! I feel like I’m finally getting over my exhaustion, but thankfully the memories will stay for quite sometime.



I cannot claim to be up on every Japanese band of course; however, when one I’ve never heard of announces a U.S. debut album they’re immediately on my radar. In this case that band is CROSSFAITH and by all appearances they are a metal band. Metal acts have had great success in the U.S., demonstrated perhaps best by Dir en Grey, so I feel CROSSFAITH has a good chance to succeed here as well.  If you’d like to read more about the band and their album release plans check out’s full article here.

[Img. Source: “Photo by Rie S.@MAXPHOTO”]

3. K-On! Film


If you haven’t heard about the silly and adorable series K-On! then I urge you to check it out (both manga and anime).  Not only do I think you’ll find them enjoyable, but it also makes this next news all the more exciting. K-On! is now getting a full length film! I first heard of K-On! when songs from the anime began to break records on the Oricon charts. Since then my appreciation for the show, and especially the yonkoma style manga, has grown. While K-On! hasn’t quite garnered the attention and devotion in the states that Haruhi Suzimiya has earned, I feel that the popularity in Japan is rising still and will come over to Western shores in waves with the release of the manga and anime here.


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