Zippy Lately (February 14 – February 20, 2011)


1. Valentine’s Day (in Japan)

So seeing as how this is the week of Valentine’s Day I thought I’d tell you a little about how the Japanese celebrate Valentine’s Day. Contrary to the U.S., where Valentine’s Day is used for couples to exchange gifts, or often for men to do something special for their girlfriend or wife, in Japan it’s the women who give the men treats on Valentine’s Day. While many men reading this may feel Japanese menhave it easy, their is another holiday, known as White Day, exactly a month later where the men can return the favor. Generally the gifts given in Japan by the women, and by the men, are chocolates. So I guess sweets really are a universal contanst for Valentine’s celebrations?

[Img. Source:]


2. Anime Blast Chattanooga

I try to keep myself almost constantly busy with extracurricular activities. Just when I think I’ve weighed myself down too much though I always find myself involved in a new project. The latest is Anime Blast Chattanooga (A.B.C.), which is an anime con that I, several friends, and hopefully dozens of other would be volunteers, are planning on hosting. We were short on information till now, and while we still don’t have a lot too say here’s what you should know.

Dates: November 4-6, 2011

Location: Chattanooga Convention Center in Chattanooga, TN


I told you we didn’t have a lot yet, but we are working on it. Of course for those in other countries, or even other states, this may not mean much. However, if you live in the South East, or are up for some traveling, you should check out Anime Blast Chattanooga this upcoming November! To keep up to date with A.B.C. you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.



Thanks to a new tradition we’ve started at our local anime club, BBAMAJAM, I’m being introduced to more and more shows that frankly I probably would’ve never watched on my own. First we started with Shiki, which frankly I didn’t care for, and now we’re moving on to GOSICK. Before I watched the first episode I was worried that GOSICK would have a similar horror feel to Shiki. Thankfully though, while I’m only one episode in, the show is clearly much more lighthearted. I can’t say whether I’ll like the show or not of course, but I’m at least more optimistic this time around.


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