Review: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Catch the Fever Again!

I am a big fan of the Playstation Network for PS3. They have a good variety of downloadable games that you can get. My most recent download that I got was a remix on an old time favorite. PacMan Championship Edition DX is not your old Atari version of the arcade classic. Released by Namco, this version of PacMan blows away the original.

This game is all about gunning for a high score. The games are timed, so your goal is to eat as many pellets, fruits, and ghosts as possible before the clock stops. Thankfully you don’t die as often as you did in the original Pac-Man,  extra lives are easy to obtain, and now PacMan has bombs to get him out of tight spots in the game.

Are you afraid of ghosts? I hope not because in this version of PacMan you have lots of ghosts to eat, I mean hundreds of ghosts. When the level starts you will see ghosts sleeping, but as you fly by eating pellets the ghosts wake up and quickly give chase. This is where the strategy kicks in for the game. Time eating the power pellet right, and you can eat a chain of ghosts that are chasing after you, bringing your score up quickly, and this is the key to getting onto the online scoreboards.

There are nine different levels in the DX version, that include Championship I and II, Spiral and Dungeon, etc. Each level has its own path of twists and turns and even traps. Within each level are different challenges, such as Score Attack, Ghost Attack, and Time Trial and a cool feature I like the Freemode, where you can set the difficulty, number of ghosts, and visuals and sounds and just play.

Like I said, it’s all about the high score, and Championship Edition DX provides many friendly ways to see how you rank against the competition. You can comb through the leaderboards for extensive data on all the many maps and modes, but there are other really nice touches: your current ranking is displayed right on the title screen, the Course Select screen, and again within the menu for each maze. 

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX also looks and sounds great. You can select from a variety of maze skins and character designs for each game, running from the 3D Pac-Mania characters to pixilated retro sprites. The lively electronic soundtrack builds in intensity as the game timer ticks down and always gets me leaning forward in my chair.

For $10 on PSN, you have nothing to lose and unlimited fun and gameplay ahead. Do yourself a favor pick this one up. You won’t be dissapointed.

I give it 10 ghosts out of 10.

Score: 10 out of 10


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