Zippy Lately (February 7 – February 13, 2011)


1. White Rock Shooter

To this day I still don’t know why I love all things Black Rock Shooter so much; however, even more then that I didn’t know that I’d also one day find a Yin to my B.R.S. Yang. The day has arrived though thanks to the new Black Rock Shooter game, where Black Rock Shooter meets her match – White Rock Shooter. While the picture really speaks for itself, you can tell that the design of White Rock Shooter fits in quite nicely along with B.R.S. and Death Scythe. While I’m not quite sure how White Rock Shooter will be developed as a character in the game and any further B.R.S. stories, I am optimistic enough to where I’m already planning to import the limited edition Black Rock Shooter PSP game, which comes with the White Rock Shooter figma seen above.

To see a teaser video for the game, featuring White Rock Shooter, click here for Japanator’s post covering the topic.


2. Spartacus: Blood and Sand

So I’m still not 100% positive if I want to give Spartacus: Blood and Sand a full review; however, I’ll at least share my initial thoughts here. First of all, I learned really quickly in the first episode that the debauchery, bloodiness, and general debauchery that Rome was known for was to be placed front and center in this TV series. Simply put this show is not for the kiddies. I at times thought this was all a bit much, especially since modern day cuss words feature heavily; however, having studied Rome in two seperate classes I will not deny the prevalnce of sex and violence, and general depravity before Rome fell.

What I learned secondly, and appreciated, is that unlike many Spartacus stories, he did not shine as the obvious hero. I know movies have less time to highlight character development than TV series, but still some just seem to rise the archetype heroes to glory too quickly. Spartacus in this series had to endure many hardships before he reached his peak.

What I discovered third and finally, that both made me like and dislike the series at the same time, was that Spartacus wasn’t even the main feature for much of the TV show. Instead Spartacus: Blood and Sand, while highlighting the gladiators, focuses more on the Batiatus family running the gladiator ‘school’. Any real life lessons, particularly tragic ones, seem to come out through their rise and fell. I may be stretching with this conjecture, but perhaps the the Batiatus’ family, and their successess and failures, may represent the very rise and fall of Rome. Just a thought.

I will say overall I was quite entertained by the series; however, if you have a weak stomach, or just prefer not to see all the gore and sex, then I would recommend against Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Otherwise though if you like a perhaps slightly over-the-top, but very gritty, portrayal of Rome, then be sure to check out Spartacus: Blood and Sand.


3. Chattanooga Fight Club

Thanks to the prodding of my friend Jack, and his attempts to increase the presence of fighting games in my apartment, I decided I should check out the Chattanooga Fight Club. Unlike the film version, I can discuss all that went on at my first meeting, although simply put we all enjoyed a lot of fighting. Fighting games specifically of course. I am hardly an expert at fighting games, but I still had fun in Street Fighter bouts against Jack, and BlazBlue fights against Jack as well. While Street Fighter is a game I remember from my childhood, the ‘anime’ nature of BlazBlue, along with the amazing graphics, really draws me into the game. My favorite character by far is Noel Vermillion; however, I am not clear whether I am yet suited to her fighting style. Thankfully though, and this is essentially the point of this post, the Chattanooga Fight Club allows me to discover such things, as well as to potentially blossom a further appreciation of the fighting game genre. Meeting new friends, enjoying some quality food at the Hixson Buffalo Wild Wings, and battling each other with a plethora of video games is what the Chattanooga Fight Club is all about. Now there is a combination that is sure to win.


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