I ♡ Kuroki Meisa


When I watch J-Dramas I have a tendency to follow actors/actresses from show to show, since I figure, often rightly so, if I like them in one show I’ll like them another. Having watched J-Dramas now for a couple years I considered myself to be fairly versed on the “Who’s Who” of J-Dramas. However, when Kuroki Meisa walked on screen in Shinzanomono, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a new, astoundingly beautiful face to watch.

While she has only starred in one drama since then, I was very happy to see that shortly thereafter she was releasing a new music single called “LOL”. I had never heard Kuroki Meisa sing at that point, so to be fair I was probably just more excited to see her in a music video. Nevertheless I decided to pre-order the single, find her photobook, and follow her on Twitter. I even started buying a Kit Kat or two after learning she was their sponsor in Japan. You could say that I had become quite intrigued by this modern day Aphrodite.

Kuroki Meisa’s appeal isn’t just her beauty though. Upon hearing “LOL” I was quite happy to find she was quite the singer too! Beauty? Acting skills? Singing ability? Dancing ability as well? Indeed Meisa’s a true triple, if not quadruple, threat. Of course, with so many cool actresses/J-Pop/K-Pop idols to follow, my attention to Meisa waxes and wanes through time. Thanks though to the release of her debut album “Magazine”, which of course I had to buy, limited edition no less, she’s made her way back on my radar again. I am still out on an overall opinion of the album, but no matter for “Magazine” has made something clear to me; I’ll always have time to appreciate the talented, and oh so lovely Kuroki Meisa.

To check out an Oricon interview with Kuroki Meisa translated by Gaijin Kanpai go here: http://bit.ly/hknDJ2


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