K-pop: Lolita Style

Ok, so it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve done one of these, and I really felt like I needed to given all the new things I’ve come across since my last “Squee” posting! (Technically, this should have been up yesterday but hey, who’s counting right?  Right!)

Ok, so first up on my list is Lolita Fashion!  Now just to clarify, when I say Lolita, I am talking Sweet Lolita which is super pink, frilly, and sometimes (God help us) even lacey!

(K-pop girl group Orange Caramel from their video for “Magic Girl“)

There are always extremes to any example though:

                      (Orange Caramel again….they do Loli so well!)

It’s hard to believe that Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita (and Lolita fashion in general) all originated back in the 70’s!  It seems like I just learned about it yesterday, so it’s just very interesting to me to find out that it’s been around that long.  Guess I am a little behind, huh?

And of course you can’t talk about Sweet Lolita without talking about the accessories!  Oh dear GOD, the accessories!  Rings, necklaces, brooches, (yes, I spelled that right) shoes, earrings, and other pretty dangly pink things that glitter and make you want to spend all your money!  Recently, I bought a complete Lolita outfit with accessories, shoes, tights, the works.  I can’t wait to model it, I might even post pictures here but we’ll see.

So, following the whole Lolita thing is K-pop.  k-pop girl groups to be exact.  They are so pretty and pink and OMG is their music ever catchy!  Some friends of mine introduced me to these groups last year and it just sort of developed a life of its own…scary huh?

My absolute favorite are the Wonder Girls!  I first learned of them by accidentally stumbling across this video of theirs:

Eventually I started learning all their songs, watching all their videos, and even tried to learn some of their dances!  I also got to meet them and see them in concert, which I posted about a little ways back which really just made me love them more!  ❤  They are super talented with great personalities, and you can’t go wrong there!  Do yourself a favor and give them a listen or watch one of their videos…you’ll thank me later.

Awwwww, look how cute they were when they were younger:
And this is what they look like now (with a new member):
Another K-pop group that I have come to really love and enjoy is After School.  I came across a song called “Because of You” and once I learned it had a video, well….I think you can figure out where this is going…. XD  But seriously the video and song are amazing, check it out yourself:

I also love them because they put out this CD called “Happy Pledis” that is all pretty and shiny and pink! See?
The best part about this CD is that it came autographed!  They mixed it up by making the autographs completely at random so when you bought it, you had NO idea who would end up signing your copy. (Just for the record, mine was signed by the girl who is second from the left…her name is Nana!)

Ok, well I think this is enough pink girly squeeing for one night….sleep is definitely in my future!  I hope you all enjoyed this “installment” of squees, there will definitely be a lot more to come so please stay tuned to my blog!


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