It’s funny because its true.

This may seem like a strange thing to review on an otaku website but I had to tell someone.  Erica and I just finished watching the first two episodes of ABC’s Modern Family.  This show is a comedy about three groups of families who are all related.  The father is married to a much younger Columbian woman with a child.  One son is gay and has just adopted a Vietnemise child with his boyfriend.  The third group is a husband and wife with three kids.

The show is very well written, almost to well written.  All the jokes and quips are perfectly timed and most are hysterical.  The husband/wife with the kids are kind of immature and reminds me of my family.  The gay couple is great together and the old man/young woman (read: trophy wife) are exactly what you’d expect.

So if you have a few minutes give yourself the gift of laughter and watch an episode or two.  


One comment

  1. I've heard many great things about this show via critics and the media, but none yet from anyone I knew (because till know you two are the first I've known to watch it). That being said with praise from yourself I'll have to check this show out, although I sadly don't know how much more TV I can squeeze into my routine.

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