Interview with The Molice: The band from outer space!

We first heard about The Molice last year at Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA).  Originally we had wanted to do the interview there in person, but unfortunately because of our schedule we weren’t able to.  However, the good news is that their translator Tom agreed to help us with an email interview for the site (HOORAY!)  So, a very special thanks to Tom and the band for answering our questions and allowing us to post them here on the site for all you lovely people to see!

BBAMAJAM: I understand you performed at Anime Weekend Atlanta. How was it playing in the US for the first time?

The Molice: That was a really exciting experience for us. We enjoyed our first US tour. We were very happy because we really hoped to play in the US.

BBAMAJAM: Was there anything in particular you did differently for the American audience? Different songs perhaps?

The Molice: We think people who love music are the same. So there was not anything in particular we did in the U.S.

BBAMAJAM: I also understand you released your album Catalystrock on Good Charamel records. Do you feel there are particular hurdles when trying to release an album worldwide versus releasing an album in Japan? Perhaps issues with the different market differences in trying to convey the music to the fans in different countries?

The Molice: There are a lot of differences between the two countries that play our music. The biggest difference is that we don’t belong to any labels in Japan.  We have to do everything ourselves, so in Japan there are more hurdles than in the US for us. But we love hurdles, so it is a really interesting experience and we really feel the music industry has been changing a lot recently.


BBAMAJAM: I think for many artists when they start out they set a goal for themselves that in so many years they want to have sold so many albums or to have played for so many people. Do you have any sort of goal like that, and if not what has been the single most driving factor for you to make music?

The Molice: The world has so much exciting music so far. When it flows out, our hearts start dancing and we don’t want it to stop. At that moment, we don’t have any goals. But if we have no goals, we can’t go anywhere.  Our goal is keeping honest to our musical soul even if we don’t get any approval. We are sure someone loves our music somewhere.

BBAMAJAM: If you were to introduce someone to Molice what song would you suggest they first listen to and why?

The Molice: “Ms. PANIC” because this is our first single and Rinko really is Ms. PANIC.

BBAMAJAM: What advice would you offer for fans looking to hopefully start their own music career?

The Molice: Be Simple toward your own music!


BBAMAJAM: What is your favorite part of being a musician? For instance, do you prefer to play for others on tour, make your own music, or just play music to play music?

The Molice: EVERYTHING.  Like we like sushi, hamburger, and spaghetti.

BBAMAJAM: How do you think your families and home lives influenced you growing up?

The Molice: We think our music is greatly influenced by our environment. For instance, our families love rock’n roll music.

BBAMAJAM: Were any of you involved in music related activities before you met and formed Molice?

The Molice: All our members have been involved in music related activities.


BBAMAJAM: Have any of your family members come out to see you on tour?

The Molice: They have never seen our show. We really hope they get the chance.

BBAMAJAM: What do your family members think of your music?

The Molice: Maybe they will say “I love YOU!” when they hear it.

BBAMAJAM: What do you guys do for fun to relax?

The Molice: [Rinko] “I often go to space travel.”

BBAMAJAM: What would you say is the most difficult part of trying to collaborate with your band mates? What is the easiest part?

The Molice: There are not any problems when you really love the music.

BBAMAJAM: Do you have any favorite anime or manga?

The Molice: There are so many favorites.  For instance, Hayao Miyazaki’s animation, “Uruseiyatura”, and Osamu Teduka’s manga.

BBAMAJAM: What are your plans for the upcoming holidays?

The Molice: [Rinko] “I will go live in the house in my head.”

For more Molice-y goodness, please visit their official website:

You can also buy their albums “Doctor Ray” and “Catalystrock” on Amazon here:


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