ThunderCats Ho!

When I was a younger version of myself I spent much of my time watching cartoons. Who am I kidding though? I still do that! However, especially in regards to American cartoons, I’ve never felt the same about modern shows as I did about the ‘classics’: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tiny Toons, Gargoyles, and ThunderCats just to name a few. Of course, I’m not the only one to have such nostalgia, and companies know this as they’ve tried time and time again to bring back in some form or another, and capitalize on, favorite shows/movies from the 80s, 90s, and earlier. Usually these shows are simply rebooted either by the original rights holder or some other enterprising American company. Rarely though does the original company partner up with another, especially one in Japan, but in the case of the in progress ThunderCats revisioning that is exactly what’s happening.

That’s right ThunderCats is back in a big way thanks to Warner Bros. and Studio 4°C’s joint efforts.

Anime News Networks reports:

The studio had previously worked with Warner Brothers on The AnimatrixBatman: Gotham Knightand Halo Legends — three earlier Japanese-animated Warner Brothers projects based on American entertainment franchises.

That to me means that this collaboration has already been tried and true, so I’m honestly quite optimistic about the new project. Of course if you’re a fan as I am then you’re probably filled with questions: who’s going to voice the characters, will they stay true to the original, will the story be interesting, etc.?  I suppose we’ll just see when Cartoon Network airs the series (at a time not yet specifed). So find your inner child, start working on your best ‘snarf!’ impression, and prepare to Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! Ho!


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