Zippy Lately (January 17 – January 23, 2011)

Sorry for the delay! Between minor, albeit discomforting, health issues and the record levels of snow we’ve received I was unable to post last week. I’m back with a vengeance though just like my first topic.

1. The Cape

For many years TV and film creators have brought comic book stories and characters to the screen.  Some of these productions have had a relative level of success, and therefore money keeps propping up more and more such projects. The Cape is the most recent attempt at delivering a comic book tale to mainstream audiences.

The story of The Cape begins with a police officer named Vince Faraday, who is one of the few honest cops left in fictional Palm City. After the new police chief is assassinated by a mysterious person known as “Chess”, the city strikes a deal with ARK Industries to privatize their police force. Seeing this as an opportunity to help his family, and still fight crime, Vince signs up with Ark. Everything starts well enough until he stumbles upon a weapon’s cache in an Ark train unit. Before he can tell the truth about his discovery, he suddenly finds himself captured by the enigmatic Chess, who is revealed then to be Peter Fleming, the CEO of Ark. Peter sets up Vince to look like Chess, and after a brief man hunt, and a giant explosion, everyone including Vince’s family, presumes that Vince is dead. To Vince’s great fortune though he’s rescued by some carnies, and with time he proves to them that he’s not in fact Chess.

Thanks to the help of his new carnival friends Vince decides to fight back by assuming the identity of his son’s favorite comic book hero The Cape. While his early fights resemble that of a rookie, Vince, now with the help of the enigmatic Orwell, played by Summer Glau, is able to gradually fight back against Chess and Ark.

I personally am quite excited about this show! I know superhero shows aren’t for everyone, and after Heroes some may have lost the faith. However, I strongly recommend you check out the first 2 eps., on Hulu now, and see what you think. I’ll certainly be watching The Cape this season.

2. Arrietty the Borrower

Since I credit much of my early love of anime to Ghibli and Miyazaki, I’ve made sure to try and keep up-to-date with the latest Ghibli happenings. Therefore I knew that Arrietty the Borrower, a Ghibli adaptation of The Borrowers stories by Mary Norton, had been released in Japan to the usual fanfare a Ghibli film demands. However, I hadn’t heard until Japanator’s January 14th article, that the film was being brought to the US for a theatrical release. While this doesn’t entirely surprise me, since Ghibli and Disney have been best buddies for sometime, I guess I assumed that only Miyazaki directed films were the only priority releases. However, I’m delighted to see my assumption was incorrect, and that, while the date is unset, I will likely get the chance to see Arrietty the Borrower on the big screen.

3. Back-On – “Tell Me”

(Image Source:

Normally I wouldn’t take this time to write about one song, no matter how good it is; however, Back On’s “Tell Me” is both good and novel thanks to the PV! First of all, if you don’t know of Back-On, they did the opening song “Chain” for Air Gear, and they’ve made a couple trips to the US for anime cons. This second part is the most exciting, because for their “Tell Me” PV they apparently took a ton of video from their US con experiences and pieced it together. Sadly I didn’t get the chance (yet) to see them in the US, but if you did then this video is as much a memento of that experience as it is a PV.


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