Zippy Lately (January 3 – January 9, 2011)

1. Japanator Radio

My love of is quite apparent I feel, especially for fellow BBAMAJAM contributors who have to deal with me talking about Japanator so much. What really started me down the path to Japanator fandom is the music component. Specifically Japanator Radio which is Japanator’s music podcast hosted by music aficionado Zac Bentz. Of course, this being the time of year for top 10’s, favorites of 2010, etc. Japanator has put forth their own with a 2 part Japanator Radio “Best Japanese Albums of 2010” special. While I certainly recommend you check the 2 eps. out covering 2010, since Zac covers quality music left out by other music hosts/writers (including myself), I just recommend his show in general. Check the Japanator Radio show archive out here.

2. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt OST

So very soon on the site you’ll see me espouse my love for the quirkiest anime of the year (in my opinion) Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. For now though I’d like to simply discuss how awesome the music for the show is too. If you watch the anime you know how integral the music is, especially apparent in the perhaps infamous ‘transformation sequences’. Well not only does the music rock just the right beats for the anime, but it plain just rocks in general. By bringing a variety of contributors to the OST, including TeddyLoid, of which I’m a fan, we get a diverse mix of electronic enthused songs that seriously bring the energy. Some of the tracks will make more sense with context, since the occasional english lyrics tie into the show so much, but regardless I feel anyone can pick this album up and listen to, and hopefully appreciate, the album. I will be purchasing the CD for sure, and I strongly recommend you try to get your hands on a copy as well.

3. B2ST in Japan

So when a year changes over I think for awhile everyone expects everything to change when of course very little does. This actually works well though for K-Pop fans, because the Korean Wave does not appear to be slowing down any across the world and in Japan. The newest ambassador for the Korean Wave to Japan is B2ST (or BEAST), which in case you don’t know, is a Korean six piece boy band group. They are easily my favorite male group in K-Pop, so I’m excitedly following along as they ‘invade’ Japan. B2ST has already just released a few mini-albums in 2010, and performed a debut show in Japan, so deservedly they are on break. According to though the boys will be back in action working on a CD for the Japanese market soon, which is exciting both to their Japanese fans of course, and fans such as myself who just want to hear more and more B2ST.


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