Zippy Lately (December 27 – January 2, 2011)

1. 2011 Hopes

While the future is of course uneasy to predict with any degree of certainty, I still have some thoughts, and hopes, on what I would like to see for 2011. I’ll merely cite a few, and to simply this I’ll just jot a couple notes by category.


– Little less moe

– Bevy of parody shows

– Miyazaki in US Theatres

– Continuation of anime streaming

– Less vampires


More Asian Artists on US Tours

More Asian Artists on US iTunes

– Fewer cover albums from JP artists

2. GD & T.O.P.

Very rarely would I picture a super group forming within an already popular group; however, the treatment and coverage of G-Dragon and T.O.P.’s new sub-unit, formed out of their main group BIGBANG, suggests they are becoming something larger than they might have ever imagined. Both artists have dabbled with their own solo releases before, but it seems the power duo may just be too much for Korea to handle. is already reporting that 200,000 copies of their debut release as a team have been pre-ordered (as of Dec. 22nd), and I don’t see that number slowing down anytime soon. As a fan of G-Dragon, who I feel is one of the most talented artists in the K-Pop scene, I’m excited for the presumed success awaiting this album. I just hope it lives up to the hype!

3. Christmas Goodies

I have enjoyed my Christmas gifts every year that I can remember, and this year was certainly no different. My family scoured my wishlist and provided me with several awesome books, Battle Royale (Novel), Japan After Japan, and more. My friends and roommates ran with my newly found love of Vocaloids, specifically Hatsune Miku, and gave me 2 wallscrolls, a chibi-figure, and a phone trinket all featuring her. Between those two groups, and the assorted other gifts from other friends and family members, I have to say again thanks to all of them. I hope as well that they enjoyed their gifts from me as much as I enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, their gifts.


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