’s “Top 9 K-Pop Artists of 2010” recently revealed, over a three week period, their most listened to artists of 2010. I was mostly disappointed as an American music fan; however, the Asian music side of me was even more disappointed. I expected the internet’s diversity might put an Asian artist (ahem JYJ?) on the list, but this was not the be. Thankfully though has now given people the ability to click on descriptive tags: i.e. rock, indie, j-pop, k-pop, so that we can see for each tag which artists were the most popular.

Here is the breakdown for “K-Pop” highlighting the most listened to artists by users. The image representing the artists will be, when possible, the cover art for the album most listened to in 2010.

1. 2PM (Overall #99)

2. SHINee (Overall #120)

3. 2NE1 (#250)

4. BoA (#326)

5. Brown Eyed Girls (#378)

6. Wonder Girls (#390)

7. Epik High (#508)

8. T-ara (#543)

9. miss A (#635)


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