Zippy Lately (December 20 – December 26, 2010)

1. 10 More Years of Bleach

Jump Festa, a celebration of all things Shonen Jump, hosted and witnessed a striking declaration from Tite Kubo promising 10 more years of Bleach. I’m not sure who saw who’s shadow, but 10 more years of Bleach even for fans seems like a bit much. Even popular manga/anime such as Dragonball and Inuyasha lost fans through the years due to the prolonged story, so I can only imagine this will happen (if it hasn’t already) to Bleach as well. So Bleach fans is this something you’re excited for? Regardless if Bleach does make it for 10 more years I am at the very least curious to see what the characters might look like 10 years on. (Ahem… fan artists that’s your cue.)

2. Tokyo Youth Ordinance Bill

While I promised myself I wouldn’t drone on and on about the Tokyo Youth Ordinance Bill, that was recently passed, I did want to make a comment or two. First of all if you don’t know about the bill period, essentially it’s a measure to ‘protect youth’ by either encouraging self-censorship or in some cases restricting sales of items a la our CD “Parental Advisory” stickers and video games rating systems. In that regard I will say, as the “glass half-full” man I am, that this could have been much much worse. Still though even though the law is being gradually heralded in I feel this will have ramifications for years to come. Personally, and as a writer, I’m certainly a supporter of free speech, and although Japan’s media laws are certainly different than ours I still wish that such a measure had not passed.  Time will only tell I suppose what this bill will truly mean for artists and creators.

3. Anime Plot Generator

Inspired by a discussion on, one of the longest running anime podcasts, a ‘Anime Plot Generator’ has been born! Created by this plot generator acts much like Mad Libs, only instead of random word types being used as text specific anime related words have been chosen. There isn’t much to do aside from go from one random anime plot to the next, but the site ( is certainly good for a laugh. I’ve listed a couple examples of plots generated for me when I used the website.


  • Confused robots turn into mysterious grandmothers because of an ancient curse.
  • Homosexual boys assault furry vampires in the name of love.
  • Cursed wizards record a hit album for giant body-guards to liberate the robot slaves.
  • Ne’er do well junior high students escape to Okinawa with sleepy naval commanders for the good of Japan.



One comment

  1. Well, I've been a fan of Dragonball for 10 years, but the story ended a looong time ago. If, let's say, Naruto ended a few years ago, there would be more fans because it didn't drag on. I'm officially an inactive Naruto fan… for Bleach, I love it, but c'mon! What's with the fillers?I thought they did something like that already in Japan with the carding thing? It sounds like the Japanese government is stepping up to what people outside of Japan thought about Anime. I don't like this bill one bit.Those plots sound familiar… =p

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