20 Stages of an Anime Fan

Inspired by CEN.TAKU.ME’s Sanjo-chan and her post “19 Stages of an Anime Fan“, chronicling Sanjo-chan’s own fandom, I have decided to take an introspective look at what has made me the otaku that I am today.

1. Cartoons (Later Discovered to be Anime) [2001]
Enter Toonami and Dragonball Z.

2. Anime Is Anime [Spring 2003]
Watching Princess Mononoke for the first time. Told by my brother “this is anime.”

3. OVAs & Movies (Fall 2003)
Introduced to Samurai X, Jin-Roh, and begin to develop a taste for anime films.

4. Perfect Blue [2004]
Still preferring only to watch anime movies, I find Perfect Blue in my college library. Freaky but awesome.

5. My Anime Tutelage [2004-2007]
Friend takes me under his wing and introduces me to Naruto, Gundam, Hellsing, Samurai 7, and many others.

6. First Attempt at Communication [Fall 2005]
Discover college has anime club. Attend first meeting. Only meeting I attend that year.

7. Apollo, This Is Houston [Fall 2005]
Discover podcasts. Listen to Otaku Generation, Weekly Anime Review Podcast, and Josh in Japan.

8. Baby’s First Steps [Spring 2006]
I discover websites with access to fan subs. Find my first show not directly recommended to me. It’s called Air Gear.

9. Welcome to Manga [Summer 2006]
Discover Air Gear has a manga. Read scanalations for first time.

10. Sign Here Please [Summer 2006]
Discover Death Note. Discover what happens when you have to wait for a new volume every 3 months (at best).

11. Second Swell [Fall 2006-Spring 2007]
Return to anime club for first yearly meeting. Continue to attend till graduation.

12. The Sound of Music [Fall 2006]
Fail to pick-up J-music during tutelage. However in club after hearing D-Gray Man’s opening and xxxHolic’s opening I become hooked.

13. First Acquisitions [Fall 2006]
Purchase through RightStuf sale first DVDs, Haibane Renmei, Lupin the III, and others. Purchase first J-Rock CD “My Foot” by The Pillows.

12. Leaving the Cave [Spring 2007]
Attend first anime convention Daigacon put on my college’s anime club. Go solo. Cover event for college magazine. See first J-Pop concert with Yoko Ishida (although only briefly).

13. Long Way Home [2008-2009]
Return home after college. Attend Anime @ the Library meetings. Go to second anime convention, JAMPcon, and first multi-fandom convention, ConNooga.

14. Don’t Touch That Dial [2008-Present]
Begin J-Rock/J-Pop radio show on local college radio station. Now going strong for three years.

15. You Need What? [Fall 2008-Present]
Agree to assist in first ever staff role for anime convention.

16. Out of the Woodwork [Spring 2009-Present]
Join local anime club.

17. Great Power, Even More Responsibility [Spring 2009-Present]
Become anime director for ConNooga. Success. Work as exec. for JAMPcon. Success (till cancel/hiatus).

18. Hit the Internet [Fall 2009-Present]
Club launches website/blog for items of interest for anime fans. Help develop website and post regular content.

19. Tweet is the Word [Fall 2009-Present]
Join network of friends online and offline. Podcasters, bloggers, twitterers, and more.

20. It’s Not A Small World After All [2030]
Help Sanjo-chan (of CEN.TAKU.ME) with Anime themed amusement park in outer space.

If you have your own fandom ‘evolution’ to share please post yours in the comments section as I’d love to see the various ways in which fandoms progress!



  1. I got really into writing this post so I actually had the text sometime ago, but I wanted the right image to go with the article. So most of my time was spent making that to be quite honest. ^_^

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