Zippy Lately (December 13 – December 19, 2010)

1. TRON: Legacy

So being a geek born in the 80s gives me allowance to go on and on about many films, some bad, some great, many cheesy, and a vast number sci-fi themed.  Of those the original Tron is actually one that, while I was aware of it, I surprisingly had not seen till this past year. What I saw was an entertaining film that sadly, at least in the effects department, didn’t stand the test of time. The story, characters, and entertainment value overall though rated highly with me. Still I couldn’t help but wonder what Tron would look like if it were made again.

Seems I didn’t have to wait long because soon after I began seeing the beginnings of what would become TRON: Legacy. TRON: Legacy, which comes out this Friday (or Thursday at midnight), is not a reboot but a seemingly well developed sequel. The graphics look amazing, but still totally TRON, and while I know nothing about the story bringing Jeff Bridges back as they have shows the director wants to start TRON: Legacy on the right foot so to speak. Behind the scenes, Steven Lisberger, director of the original, returns as a producer, which also shows that the present staff is trying to do right by Tron. Add in for fanboys Olivia Wilde in perhaps one of the sexiest sci-fi outfits of the year, and for me at least TRON: Legacy, with all of that goodness combined, has become a must watch film for the year for the geek at heart.

2. TRON: Legacy Soundtrack

While the film TRON: Legacy has understandably earned some strong promotion from the fan community, equally exciting is the release of the soundtrack crafted by the techno wiz pair Daft Punk.  Having listened to the soundtrack, which has already been released by iTunes, I will give Daft Punk fans a heads up that this is not standard Daft Punk. Instead, for the soundtrack junkies’ delight, this is Daft Punk delivering an true and blue soundtrack fitting the film. Now that doesn’t make the soundtrack weak by any means, as I found it to be quite enjoyable. I’m sure I’ll like it even more once I see the film, as the orchestral interweavings of Daft Punk are laid upon the brilliant visuals of TRON: Legacy.

3. Team Unicorn

“Geek Girls: Like Unicorns, we’re not supposed to exist.” That is the defining statement behind Team Unicorn, a group of girls who prove, by their very existence, quite the opposite.  I could tell you more about them, but let me instead just direct you to their very awesome music video “G33k & G4M3R Girls”.
Geek and Gamer Girls – Director’s Cut – Watch more Funny Videos


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