Review: The Sly Collection

“The Collection is a grand deal for three great games.”

Sucker Punch released three games on the PS2 revolved around platforming, stealth, and loads of other game-play elements that really mixed up the game a bit. Now, all three of three of the games are being released in one great Collection – giving you a great deal that you really can’t go wrong with. Let’s follow through on some points on why this Collection is worth adding to your Game Collection:

Story – 9/10 – Thieves, Cops, Explosions, Crooks, Villains, Comedy, and Romance are just some of the words that can captivate the story of the games. You follow the story of Sly Cooper, a thief that follows in his father and ancestor’s creed: Thievery. You might think Sly steals from, well, random people — but that’s not the case. For the “Fun” Sly steals from other thieves, evil corporations, and villains that seek to destroy things. To begin the story (Following Sly 1) the Cooper house is broken into, and the Thievious Racoonus is stolen (a book that contains Thief skills). Sly’s dad is killed by the intruders, so Sly seeks to get the book back.

After the house was broken into, Sly was sent to a Orphanage where he met two friends he would stick with in his quest. First, there’s Bentley — the brains of the group. He’s a cautious turtle that has a brilliant mind, keeping the gang’s plan in focus and on the right track. Secondly, there’s Murray. He’s a big, lovable, pink Hippo that carries out the “Brawn” of operations. Anything that needs to be smashed, he was the man (animal?) to see. These three join together the form the Sly Cooper gang, and continue on Sly’s quest. The Story is thought out, and I wasn’t bored of the way the story formed. Many characters, and the style of humor and serious dialogue makes the game really enjoying to watch.

Line-Up: Sly 1 – 9/10 ~ Sly 2 – 9.5/10 ~ 9.25/10

Game-play – 9.5/10 – The game-play is initially the same in all three games. Platforming is the main focus, and the first game is linear while the other two games are sandbox. You encounter some dangers (such as lasers, spotlights, guards, etc.) where you must traverse, smack, fight, and sneak you’re way through. Stealth plays a smallish roll in the first one, but is formed out more in the 2nd and 3rd one. When in battles, you can use an array of Sly’s moves to fight or escape your way through your enemies. Whether it be a swing attack that’ll knock guards away surrounding you, or a smoke bomb that’ll blind guards for enough time to run and hide somewhere. I’ll follow through on the interesting and noted aspects of each of the games:

Platforming plays a great roll (of course) in the game. You’ll control Sly, and traverse your ways across buildings, through obstacles, avoiding traps, alarms, and guards. You can expect the X button (Jump) to be used a lot. The first game is more one-way than the rest of the games. You’ll follow a “Hallway” towards the end of the stage, dodging spotlights and alarms and etc. As for the other games, as I said, they are much more open-world in which you have to move to objectives, and traverse the detailed world to progress through the game.

Stealth is somewhat cartoonized in the Sly games. Guards will walk around, and you can hide along the roof tops and take them out from behind. Climbing is possible where you can climb up polls and such to hide from any guards and spotlights. And also to hide from guards, you can hide under tables or in vents to sneak your way around. I thought it was great to hide from guards, and reminded me a bit of an early version of Assassin’s Creed’s system almost (just minus the crowd blending). Metal Gear Solid’s stealth comes to mind too, and is influenced a bit through the game.

The many Game-play variations in the games. It’s diverse in many challenges. You’ll shoot from turrets, race cars, flip large trucks, use a claw to fling guards across the map, fly airplanes, and so much more. The game really gives you many things to try to achieve, it really breaks up game-play a bit. Sometimes I forgot I was playing a plat-former. Game-play will switch up to take out bosses too, it really mixes game-play up.

And more I can’t seem to name. The games will bring you across the world, and will really draw you in. Sometimes I got carried away playing and burned many hours into the game (I beat all three in about a week). The games can become addictive, haha. In all, I thought the game-play was very neat. It retained a core system (platforming stealth), while adding many different games to, like I said, mix the game-play up a bit. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes this is bad however. (For example a Pirate ship you have to steer and shoot at enemy ships, and one deep-sea diving missing with an annoying boss)

Graphics & Sound – 9/10 – All three games look impressive with updated graphics, sharper graphics, better details, and overall cleaned-up picture quality. I’m very impressed with how the Port Developers did with the clean-up, and the game looks even more stylish. The Sound is also very good, and the Voice Acting is great for all three games. The music was also very “Sneaky” and nicely done.

Lasting Appeal – 8/10 – After you smash through the final game, all three have something to offer after completing them. Whether it’s searching for Clue Bottles, Beating a time trial, replaying the great games, or (for Sly 3) trying to beat all the challenges — the games offer a good amount of things to do afterward. The Mini-games aren’t all too great (although they are compatible with The Move) they are mostly the same point and shoot, and there’s four of them. I wasn’t all too impressed with them.

The Good:
+ Three Great games for one great price.
+ Graphics look grand.
+ Characters are memorable, and unique.
+ Sound is good, and Voice Acting is nicely done.
+ A decent amount of things to do afterward.
+ Each game has unique games inside the games.

The Bad:
– Mini-games are pretty bad, when they are all basically the same.
– Some freezes came forth.
– Bosses sometimes felt unbalanced, and just plain cheap.
– No bottle collecting in Sly 3?
– Need… Sly… 4!

Overall – 9/10 – Overall, for a great price the deal is a steal. Three great games are pretty timeless, and each of them provide some fun I haven’t had in a while and a level of fun that I fail to see in most recent games. Remastered, and the games are really grand to start with; it’s definitely worth a look if you want some fun.

Score: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit to SCEA


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