Disney Pops, Rocks, Raps, & Rolls

I think few would deny the powerhouse that is Disney. The company has its end in many pots, including TV, films, theme parks, stores, and also music. Nowadays when you think Disney music you may think early Britney Spears, Jonas Brothers, Highschool Musical, or really anything that tweens would care about. If somehow you ignored all the media surrounding the above, or just prefer the ‘classics’, then you might be thinking about many of the popular songs from Disney’s animated films. Since I prefer the latter I have been quite enthralled by the many releases Disney’s put out in Japan where artists of all variety cover Disney songs in a unique style/genre.

According to TokyoHive.com the latest in this series will be Disney songs performed in a more urban pop style, predominantly by Asian artists.  Disney has previously released three such CDs featuring other genres as well, specifically rock, electro-house, and reggae. While the artists are not always Japanese or other Asian artists, which is most apparent on the Reggae release, the Disney Japan website seems to be the one place to find the releases listed. While I think it would be a fun twist to have more American/European artists perform these songs, as a J-Music fan I really like some of the artists they have chosen to perform on their releases. I mentioned in my initial post covering the Electro House and Rock releases, and I still maintain, that out of the songs so far my favorite cover is Oceanlane’s “Beauty and the Beast”. This is the English cover version because even though Oceanlane is a Japanese band they predominantly sing in English.

I think ultimately what I like best is how the artists take these standard Disney songs into genres that Disney rarely, if ever, explores in their soundtracks. If you’re a fan of Disney music, and open minded to covers, then I’d definitely check these releases out. Sadly again I don’t think they’re available via US stores, so you may have to search the internet for an alternate method of acquisition.


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