What’s My Focus Now? 11/14 – 11/20 : Call of Goldeneye: Bakuman

Even though it’s been a busy week (and by busy I mean I’ve been gaming too much), I’ve still found time to flit back and forth between whatever shiny object has caught my eye.  And then somehow, I squeezed in the time to write about it.  So sit back, read, and learn a bit more about what I like to do and what I think about it all.

1.  Call of Duty:  Black Ops

I may have an addiction.  Recently, my roommate purchased Call of Duty:  Black Ops, and since then most of our nights have been taken over by the game.  We’ve had some really intense battles, some really lame ones, with plenty of yelling and cursing mixed in.  Even when our side is being completely destroyed, we keep coming back, all because we love the rush we get when we finally win.

To be fair, it’s not all for the rush.  This is a great game for people like me who love to see bars fill up with experience points.  The multiplayer has so many different goals to work for, that at this point it seems I’m completely some new task every other match.  So even if I don’t win, I’m still getting a bit of a rush.  And then there’s the constant unlocking of new weapons and features, causing me to tweak my class over and over.  If you’re a fan of first person shooters, especially the multiplayer, this is a good one to check out right now, for a couple of reasons.  The game itself is fun to play, but this is also the newest FPS out there, so it’s where all the crowds are at currently.  It’s really easy to get into a match and start playing.  And if you do, don’t be too upset if I sneak up behind you and knife you in the back.

2.  Goldeneye

Just before Black Ops took over my free time, Goldeneye threatened to do the same.  A friend brought the game over, and for the next 5 hours there were 4 of us constantly playing.  It’s the same fun game you remember from your N64 days with a few modern additions thrown in.  Instead of searching the map for better weapons, you pick your loadout before the match starts, like most shooters these days.  There are also some additional game modes that have been thrown in to spice things up.  Add in extra characters and weapons, with plenty more to unlock, and you’ve got enough to keep you coming back for ages.

The graphics are slightly improved from the original release, but I’ll be honest here.  If it were completely redone, I just wouldn’t like it.  This game is all about nostalgia for me.  When I play it, I remember how I felt when it first came out.  The experience is almost exactly the same, except with more screaming and less Pierce Brosnan.  If you’ve got a Wii and love shooters, you need this game.  Even if you have other systems and games, this is still one to check out.

3.  Bakuman v.1

I’m beginning to think the creators of Death Note just really like dramatic pen use.  Teaming up again after that huge hit, the pair have given us Bakuman, a manga about manga creation.  When you think of it just that way, it seems a little boring, but I promise you it’s got more than enough to keep your attention.  There are endearing characters that look absolutely amazing, touching story moments that manage to seem believable, and a real feeling of passion for manga, from both the characters and the creators.

I also knew creating a manga was hard work, but I never knew just how intense and competitive it could be until reading this.  For every Bleach, One Piece, or Dragonball there are hundreds, if not thousands, of stories and creators who never hit it big.  Through this story, you see how the characters, and by extension the creators, are willing to work nonstop and sacrifice so much just to put their passion on the page.  If you’re a fan of manga in the least, read this.  You will appreciate everything you’ve read up to that point so much more, and you’ll never look at manga the same again.


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  1. Let me first of all say thanks Nick for covering Bakuman a show that, even after only a few chapters/episodes, I have absolutely fallen in love with. I generally like shows for three reasons (or some combination thereof): a) they're wacky b) deep c) inspire or connect with me on a personal level. While Bakuman has some element of wacky, on the whole I like Bakuman because it reminds me of who I was, and wanted to be, at that age, and it inspires me to continue the dream that I still hold on too. While I could regale you with specifics, instead let me just say I concur precisely with Nick especially on the point " If you’re a fan of manga in the least, read this. You will appreciate everything you’ve read up to that point so much more, and you’ll never look at manga the same again." Too true.Now moving on to GoldenEye let me just reveal a bit how obstinate/stubborn/anti-change I can be sometimes. I read the statement "Instead of searching the map for better weapons, you pick your loadout before the match starts, like most shooters these days." and then got extremely upset with the game (even though I haven't played this release yet to any great length). I'm sure I'll love it because I loved the original, but me being particularly reticent I essentially wanted the original again down to every little detail. Of course that will not happen, so I should probably just suck it up and remind myself one of my favorite games every is back. There I feel better now.What can I say about Call of Duty: Black Ops. that hasn't been already said in so many ways. Awesome? Addicting? Astounding? All of the above? Let's just say as a FPS, specifically Halo, addict in my college days I am glad to have a game such as Call of Duty: Black Ops. at my fingertips again.

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