I ♡ Brown Eyed Girls


For me the transition to K-Pop was not as smooth as one might imagine. I feel there are two reasons for this 1) that I generally am not a fan of pop music, and K-Pop is really quite similar to American pop; 2) I was introduced to K-Pop by Kym who is more a fan of boy bands than girl bands. So while I could appreciate the talent, especially the dancing, I had yet to really come across a convincing reason to commit to delving into K-Pop further.

That’s when I was introduced to the Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra” music video. Not only was the single itself quite addictive, but the video is amazingly sultry. I make this joke too much with my friends, but let’s just say “those hips don’t lie”. I didn’t realize at the time that not all K-Pop girl groups are like this, but in that moment I was just overwhelmed by their singing/rapping, dancing, music video, and of course their demeanor. That video in many ways jump started my interest in K-Pop.

So when I browsed the web this morning and saw AllKPop’s article with the headline “Brown Eyed Girls to make their comeback in January 2011!”, to say the least I was quite excited! So now I patiently await the return of the Brown Eyed Girls release and whatever awesome songs, and equally enthralling videos, they will bring us next.

(For those who don’t follow K-Pop a comeback is merely a return from a break between promotions for a previous single/album and their soon-to-be released song/album. The artists don’t actually separate in between). 

To check out an Oricon interview with Brown Eyed Girls translated by Gaijin Kanpai go here http://bit.ly/9ynm6l


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