Zippy Lately (November 15 – November 21, 2010)

1. DJ Masa

Last week I covered musical artists exclusively, and while I will not do that this week I knew I had to cover DJ Masa as well. DJ Masa is a DJ from Brazil who discovered J-Pop and K-Pop music and has since gained a significant, and well deserved, following by producing great mash-ups. My favorites specifically are his mashups that synthesize the K-Pop songs for the year, or part of the year. However, he has been producing mash-ups of with Western songs and J-Pop/K-Pop songs for much longer. Much like the ever popular Girl Talk, DJ Masa releases his songs online for free. He also mashes-up music videos to accompany his music mash-ups, and in that way adds another dimension to the already incredible mixes he produces. If you want to check out his songs go to his site If you want to check out his videos, and you should, go to

2. 23 Tweets from 23 Idols

What’s better than 23 J-Idols? I’d say 24 but everyone’s got to have a limit. Anyways now thanks to Hori Production you can follow 23 of their idol girls on Twitter!, who ran the story, has made a list linking to all of their twitters for those who are wondering what it would be like to follow 23 J-Idols. I followed all of them and even though I assumed my Twitter would be suddenly filled with Japanese tweets for the most part it’s relatively quiet (for now). Be sure to check out’s post for the full story and your chance to possibly learn all about idol life from the idol’s themselves. 

3. The Contenders for Best Animated Feature are…

I traditionally don’t follow much about the Oscars; however, I’ve always kept a keen ear to the ground for any news regarding anime nominations/wins. Since Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away” won best picture in 2002 there hasn’t been much movement for anime in the Oscars. Ponyo was nominated last year; however, with films such as Up in contention I think it’s safe to say few fans thought Ponyo had much of a chance. This year however Summer Wars will fight in the ranks for a possible nomination and perhaps a win in the Best Animated Feature category. Summer Wars is a film that’s had significant buzz online, and while it too, like Ponyo, has tough contenders such as How To Train Your Dragon there may yet be a chance to Summer Wars to take a nomination at the very least. If you’d like to check out the other films in contention, or learn more about Summer Wars, feel free to check out ANN’s article here.


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