Zippy Lately (October 25 – October 31, 2010)

1. Horrible Turn

GMX (Geek Media Expo) on the whole was a con where I could simply relax without the burdens of too many panels or press activities on my schedule. Of course, that’s not to say I did nothing, because I did have a few events I wanted to hit up including the screening of “Horrible Turn” a Dr. Horrible fan film. Now I haven’t seen a fan film previously, but I’d heard many horror stories about low-budget, rudimentary writing, and much more from fan films for different shows. So as I entered the viewing room I really didn’t expect to be impressed, but that’s exactly what happened.

Let me just say if you like Dr. Horrible then you absolutely must watch “Horrible Turn”! Developed by a musical instructor and several students presents “Horrible Turn!” serves as a wonderful musical prelude to Dr. Horrible. Horrible Turn is able to pay homage to the original, while breaking ground on its own. Horrible Turn is nearly as well put together as the original, and it is certainly on par for cleverness. The singing, casting, acting, songwriting, and production were all above and beyond what I’d have expected from a fan film. Simply put I was blown away.

2. Bob & Carl: Sci-Fi Janitors

Sometimes you find gems in the oddest of places, and during GMX I found the gem Bob & Carl: Sci-Fi Janitors simply by waiting for a main event to begin. To kill some time in the main atrium, there were two TVs setup, and a humorous show featuring puppets cleaning up post -DragonCon ran on them in between the main panels. These bits I found out very quickly were part of Bob & Carl: Sci-Fi Janitors. The show’s premise is that two janitors, played as puppets, are cleaning up post-DragonCon and talking about what they saw and other general geekery. While I could quote some gems I’d rather you just watch a few of their videos. So please go to this link and check them out, especially if you have a good sense of humor about sci-fi and your own fandom.

3. iAmADalek (BBC iPhone App.)

For those of you who have an iPhone, or have a friend with an iPhone, you undoubtedly know about the T-Pain app. which lets you AutoTune your own voice. Well I’ve just discovered an iPhone App., created by the BBC, that lets you modify your voice into Dr. Who’s nemesis the Dalek. That’s pretty much all that needs to be said, because it’s just that awesome.


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