Wonder Girls / 2PM World Tour – June 05, 2010 Atlanta, GA

I noticed that I had not put up my review of the Wonder Girls/2PM concert that I went to back in June!  Yeah, so I’m a little behind but I hope you all enjoy my story!


So I want to start by mentioning that I missed my chance to see the Wonder Girls last year on my birthday and have been desperately looking for my second chance.  Well, thanks to our own Zippy I got that chance and more!

I had been super impatient for most of the month leading up to the concert.  I listened to nothing but Wonder Girls we left early so that we would miss the traffic and grab some food before the concert.  We met up with some friends and chatted then it was off to the venue!

So, up until this point I neglected to mention that we not only had tickets, but VIP meet and greet tickets!  (Why yes, I do have awesome friends…)  We got to the venue and stood outside for an hour or two, then they finally started letting us in.  The whole experience was very short, but extremely surreal.  I had practiced a ton of phrases in Korean that I was going to say to both the groups after I met them, but alas I never got the chance.  However, I had designed a Wonder Girls shirt for my friend and I that Yenny and the other girls loved; they also loved my special made Wonder Girls button especially once I told them I designed it especially for their concert!  We had our picture made with the Wonder Girls, and then we were rushed off to have our picture made with 2PM.

I guess it’s a good thing we got in as early as we did because I had some time to get over the shock of what had just happened.  After our pictures, we stood in the stage area for what seemed like forever.  At one point, a man came out with a camera filming the crowd screaming and chanting for 2PM and the Wonder Girls which started a gradual shift of people towards the stage which could only mean one thing: SARDINES!  Don’t you just love that game?  Yeah, me neither.  I got out of the crowd just in time to see 2PM walk onto the stage, and I swear the entire building shook with deafening fangirl screaming!

The boys were missing a member (Junsu, who had injured his leg previous to our concert date) but they were as charming and impressive as ever!  I love how much they interacted with the audience and how much work they obviously put into their performance.  As much as I loved them though, they weren’t necessarily the reason I was there….

After a brief teaser where each member was silhouetted behind the curtain, the Wonder Girls took over the stage!  They did mostly English songs, which was weird for me as I had spent time learning the Korean versions.  Despite the language change, I was still trying to sing along to the top of my lungs!  Their singing and dancing is enough to impress even the toughest of critics, not that I needed any convincing.  I sang and danced my way through the entire show, and then before I knew it they were already doing an encore…where did the time go?!

I am so happy to have had the chance to get this experience.  As rushed and short as our meet and greet was, at least I have pictures to remember it by!  I do hope that when they tour again, their label reconsiders the way they do meet and greets.  All in all my only complaint would be the venue itself.  The air conditioning was nonexistent and it didn’t even feel like there was any air circulating whatsoever.  It really made me appreciate what these artists go through to show their fans how much they love and appreciate them.


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