Zippy Lately (October 18 – October 24, 2010)

1. GMX (Geek Media Expo)

Generally Fall/Winter is a pretty quiet time in my region for conventions. However GMX for a second year now promises to shake things up. What is GMX? GMX is the Geek Media Expo. Specifically GMX is a multi-fandom convention that unlike MTAC: Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, the parentcon for GMX, this is a non-anime convention. Instead we revel in Steampunk, comics, sci-fi, Whedon, literature, and so much more.

2. J-Drama Fall ’10

Once again another season arrives and that means more J-Dramas! This year Jaziel, creator of our webcomic Oh My Otaku…, is going to join me as we discuss the guys and gals of J-Drama. I’ll still cover this season’s dramas with a preview article, but we thought we’d spice our coverage up by taking a look at the actors themselves as well.

So far I don’t have any early favorites. Nageraboshi features many actors I like such as Kitano Kii and Matsuda Shota. Mori no Asagao promises great emotional, and possibly controversial, television. Guilty Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna features a vengeful pet groomer. FACE MAKER is about a surgeon who gives patient’s new faces and, instead of money, takes their old face as payment. Plus there’s many many more. So many dramas to choose from this season!

3. Media Blaster Kiosks

According to Anime News Network: “launching a series of home video rental kiosks branded with its Rareflix online store logo and featuring primarily anime DVDs and Blu-ray Disc releases. Users can rent television series and films, in their original packaging, for US$1 to US$2. If the users want to keep their rentals instead of returning it, they can then purchase the rented discs outright on Media Blasters website.”

While I have never used Red Box kiosks, I know that they have become extremely popular. Considering not but a year or so ago Netflix made mail distribution look like the only way to go, so their presence alone says this is not true. I’m wondering if the element of a ‘quick pick-up’ have kept this method of DVD distribution alive, and if so then maybe Media Blaster kiosks will help revolutionize the anime market as well? Either way I’m hoping that Media Blasters can make some significant money with the kiosks so they can finish Akihabara@Deep and perhaps bring over some more live action titles.


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