Zippy Lately (October 11 – October 17, 2010)

1. Bakuman

My friend and fellow BBAMAJAM club member Jack has done what seemed to me improbable, if not impossible, only a short while ago. He’s inspired me to check out many new series this Fall ’10 season. I say improbably only because after a few years of anime fandom I’ve found myself watching less and less and divulging into other areas of Japanese culture, in particular J-dramas. Thanks to Jack’s recommendation though to embrace this season’s anime I’ve discovered Bakuman a series that sounded great before I watched the first ep. and felt great even after watching episodes 1 and 2 of the series.

Bakuman’s premise is equivalent to many an otaku’s dream. The story, created by the team behind Death Note, follows a middle-school boy named Moritaka Moshiro, nephew to a mangaka, is inspired by love and friendship to become a mangaka himself. After watching the first episode I realized that I see so much of myself in Moshiro, even if I’m about ten years behind him with my timetable. I already feel inspired by Bakuman to work even harder, and of course thanks to Jack and the series I feel inspired to watch the rest of the show.


I’ve discussed many online communities before, since let’s face it Facebook isn’t the only site people network on. One I apparently signed up for two years ago, but have only begun to use, is Last. fm. While listening to one of Gaijin Kanpai’s episodes I heard LoKi mention he was on Last. fm, and that he also had synced with his iTunes using Scrobbler. I didn’t really know what Scrobbler meant at the time, but I love tracking what I listen to, what I read, etc. so I thought I’d give the try it probably deserved years ago. Now I’m on, using the 3rd party Scrobbler I’ve easily synced up my music, and now I’m reaching out to the community that presents me with. I invite you all to give a try, and by all means if you do join feel free to invite me as a friend.

3. Kuroki Meisa’s “LOL”

Thanks to some limited savings I have built up I decided it was a good time to pick up a couple items from CD Japan (one of our fine affiliates I might add). I’ll probably discuss them all at some length, but I wanted to mention one that’s particularly caught my eye and ear of late and that’s Kuroki Meisa’s “LOL”. I discovered Meisa while watching Shinzanmono, and realize not only is she gorgeous but she’s also a good actor. I did a quick Google search awhile back in the Summer and discovered she’s quite multi-faceted, because she models, acts, represents products, and as I discovered sings. Now I did not know much about “LOL” at the time, but as I followed Meisa’s career, and her Twitter, a little more I began to see news about her new “LOL”. I picked it up on a whim on CD Japan, and I’ve become incredibly addicted to the track ever since. I’ll try to save a more detailed review later, but I’ll say while not the typical track I’d listen to I’m liking it more and more and recommend you check it out.


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