Zippy Lately (September 27 – October 3, 2010)

Back from my post-AWA column break. Time to get back to the excitement of it all.

1. American Fall TV Shows ’10

Seeing as how this is a website for otakus one might not expect a whole lot of discussion about American media. Let’s face it though first of all American media dominates so many markets, often including the Asian markets. More then that though otaku really, as we use it in the states, defines someone who has a passion for something, and for me that includes great TV comedies and dramas alike. So let me just spend a moment and talk about one of the new shows coming out I’m looking forward to and those returning shows that I still plan on checking out.



Premise: One day Supreme Court Justice Garza, played by Jimmy Smits, has a soul searching experience after his father’s passing and decides to give up the bench. He decides to fight for the ‘little man’, and his Supreme Court underlings, and a new partner, decide to join him in the fight. Garza isn’t always taking the obvious side though, and begins to ruffle feathers, with his team, his opponents, and others. Sometimes though to fight for the poeple you have to become an outlaw yourself, and that’s what Garza has become.

I traditionally watch very few court dramas, especially American court dramas; however, with Jimmy Smits as lead I was immediately intrigued. Now, after watching the first two episodes, I’ve seem the similarities between Outlaw and Pride, a favorite J-Drama of mine, so I know I’ll keep watching. I sadly haven’t heard a lot of press for this show, so if this sounds like it’d interest you please join the Outlaw bandwagon now.



There’s not really much to say. My love / hate with America’s favorite music show continues. I can only hope that the characters are filled with more things to love about them, but with episode 1 I’m worried about both the music selection and the character development. I’ll keep watching till the end though either way.


Sadly I haven’t watched ep. 1 of the new season of Fringe yet, but if you’re caught up you know there was a substantial cliffhanger at the end of the last season! I can’t say much more except I so hope I can free some time very very soon to check out Fringe’s return.


American TV can be quite annoying with how they stretch relationships out, especially anything to do with romance between lead characters. Bones last year was the ultimate ‘tease’ in this regard, and while I’m sure there will be some resolution for many questions this season I can’t help but feel the tease will likely continue to grow strong.

Family Guy

Normally I’d just say “’cause it’s Family Guy” and move on, but I have to say I especially loved the new episode starting off the season. Riffing off of “And Then There Were None” by legendary mystery writer Agatha Christie, Seth and the gang deliver suspense, drama, and hilarity like never before. While I’m not sure if this will be considered canon for the season, I don’t care either way because as a standalone episode this was all too enjoyable.


My favorite writer/cop pair is back and better than ever! Or so I hope since after only having watched one episode thus far it’s really hard to tell if the magic has completely returned. I fully believe it will though because Castle, while based on Crime show norms., a la each episode find a killer, has always had so much more spark than just a traditional crime drama. I have grown to love each and every character in Castle, and with characters like Castle himself, played by Nathan Fillion, the love is even deeper. If you like quirky with your crime, kooky with your buddy cop, and a bagel with your coffee then do watch Castle.

2. Berserk is back?!?

According to Anime News Network:

“The wraparound jacket band on the 35th volume of Kentarou Miura‘s Berserk fantasy manga is announcing this month that a new anime project is launching. More information will be provided in Hakusensha‘s Young Animal magazine and the affiliated Young Animal Web site.” (Source: ANN)

This could be the news I have been waiting for so long to hear! I haven’t talked much about my love for Berserk, if at all, on the site; however, let me just say that I became addicted to the anime and then after the cliffhanger that presented me I fully jumped into the manga with delight. While the manga is quite awesome, and continues well past the anime storyline, ever since Dragonball Kai and FMA: Brotherhood I’ve been so hoping other series, in particular Berserk, would get the same treatment. I hope this is that moment!

3. Vocaloids

I’d be remiss to go without speaking of what I saw, acquired, and generally loved about AWA a little more. To sum up what probably affected me the most let me just say this – vocaloids. Being a J-Music DJ and fan I’d initially brushed off Vocaloid songs as being too manufactured; however, my co-host The Cay introduced me to a few tracks, as well as some other friends on Facebook, and I started to see that while computer generated many of these Vocaloid produced songs were actually quite good. What really got me to love Vocaloids though is Black Rock Shooter and specifically the Black Rock Shooter OVA. While Black Rock Shooter herself is not technically a Vocaloid, and is instead merely based off of art inspired by a Vocaloid song titled “Black Rock Shooter”, she opened the gateway leading to my full immersion into Vocaloid fandom. So this means that at AWA I not only marveled at the many Vocaloid cosplayers, but I also picked up an awesome Black Rock Shooter figure, Miku fan art, and import Japanese Vocaloid art book. Needless to say I am now knee deep into Vocaloid fandom, and I see little chance of me being rescued, or wanting to be.


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