Whet Your Appetite: English Cover Songs by Japanese Artists

I mentioned in the last “Whet Your Appetite” that the language barrier is in my opinion the greatest barrier people come across when introducing other music fans to foreign artists. In that post I introduced you to ten different songs by Japanese and Korean artists sung in English. Only one of those, perhaps surprisingly, was a cover song of an English speaking artist. In this post I’m going to only feature covers of American/European songs by Japanese artists. While I certainly have a number of favorite cover songs by Asian artists anyways, I hope this post will also help add to the familiarity that some require when entering a new genre of music.

1. His Excellency Demon Kogure – “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Queen)

2. Utada Hikaru – “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” (Green Day)

3. Beat Crusaders – “99 Luftballoons” (Nena)

4. V6 – “You’ll Be In My Heart” (Phil Collins)

5. Aya Matsuura – “Don’t Know Why” (Norah Jones)

6. Polysics – “My Sharona” (The Knack)

7. Shonen Knife – “I Wanna Be Sedated” (The Ramones)

8. Aco – “The Creep”

9. Shiina Ringo – “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” (Frankie Valli)

10. Kokia – “The Long and Winding Road” (The Beatles)


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