Review: Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland (CLAMP)

Guest Writer: Thom

I was completely taken off guard by this innocent looking collection of seven short stories by my favorite manga group, CLAMP. I was well aware of their history with a Dojinshi circle in the 1980’s, but have never come across any of their current works as ‘CLAMP’ that came so close to hinting at this history. The title ‘Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland’ screams cute, adorable, shojo, and sweet like I have come to expect from the female heroines of the CLAMP universe. The cover of the manga illustrates a cute girl in a school uniform falling down what is most likely a clouded sky rabbit hole, accompanied by several adorable fluffy white bunnies; what could possibly go astray with such a perfectly painted picture of innocence and schoolgirl purity?  Well my friends take a blind leap down the rabbit hole and prepare yourselves for a sultry, erotic, and fantastically yuri CLAMP rendition of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Through the Looking Glass’, and five other strange worlds that little Miyuki-chan is about to stumble upon.

This cute yet somewhat devilish tale of events starts in a flash with Miyuki-chan waking up late for school. Not even taking the time to eat the buttered toast hanging from her mouth, she darts out the door to school. She doesn’t get far before being distracted by a tightly dressed girl in a bunny suit, who misguides her into a mysterious hole in the ground. Bunny-chan quickly develops a southern drawl and leaps out of scene just as Miyuki lands upon the bottom where her puzzling adventure begins. She is quickly addressed by a sort of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, who look more like female Street Fighter characters than something from ‘Alice’, followed by an abundance of familiar characters from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with a little twist. The twist being that all these characters have a strong desire to undress and have their way with Miyuki-chan! Miyuki narrowly escapes losing her innocence to a very sexy, chesty Cheshire and being whipped and chained by a dominatrix Red Queen. Just a dream? Dreams don’t leave you with that ‘walk of shame’ feeling the next morning. Soon after thinking she has just had a very sexually repressed nightmare our Miyuki finds herself in a slightly more twisted land than before; that of Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass’. Jabberwocky has never looked so good as she grabs up Miyuki-chan for a little yuri-chess with the White Queen and her burlesque pawns.

If you haven’t seen ‘Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy’ starring Jane Fonda (1968) you may not fully appreciate or understand why CLAMP chose this film to next torture our sweet little Miyuki-chan in the next segment, titled ‘Miyuki-Chan in TV Land‘. In this fun-to-watch science fiction wonder, Jane Fonda’s character is asked to save the good doctor Durand-Durand from an alien planet where she is introduced to sex and seduces an Angel, then breaks their favorite toy called the ‘Ex-sex-sive’ Machine…. Any who Miyuki is appalled at young children’s foul mouths, ‘touched by an Angel’, and stripped naked by some kind of ‘Pac-man’ before being hauled off like a stuck boar to the Empress…who proceeds to try and rape her.

If that wasn’t enough, we next find Miyuki late again from school clubs and trying desperately to get to her part-time job on time; when she arrives though something doesn’t seem quite right. As she opens the door to work she finds not her place of employment but a large boxing ring filled with flirty teen girls in a various array of part time job uniforms. She is informed by one of the other part-timers that the companies have decided to have it out in the boxing ring and an all-out battle royale is to ensue. Rules? There is only one rule. The last girl clothed is the winner. As you may imagine the scenes to follow are designed to both confuse and enthrall the reader. Will Miyuku survive with her virginity intact? You’ll be eager to read and find out.

Before stumbling into Videogame Land Miyuki must wit her way through an intense game of strip Mahjongg, where she must battle for the title of ‘Mahjongg Girl, Protector of the Universe’. With so many panty shots you are sure to go home happy. In Videogame Land Miyuki finds herself a little too involved in the game, as many of us so often do. After a short controversy about what class of armor Miyuki’s panties equate to, we are off to equip some new swag with our team of busty vixens! There is a lot of nudity to follow and special power moves. I will pause for a brief moment while you Google ‘Scottish Fold‘. Can Miyuki defeat the game boss before losing her white dress privileges to her traveling companions? For our sake let’s hope not.

Last, but certainly not least, Miyuki finds herself deeply engaged in a manga. And what better manga to be engaged in than CLAMP’s ‘X’? Miyuki is called out to by Hinoto, who apparently mistakes her for Kamui and beckons her to save the world from destruction. This is the ultimate fan service for a CLAMP fan as we are treated to a CLAMP reference within a CLAMP story. (This happens a lot!) I highly recommend either watching the ‘X’ Anime or reading the manga before trying to make too much sense of this adventure; however, even if you are not familiar with ‘X’ you can still enjoy that other kind of fan service as many of the ‘X’ characters attempt to rape, and/or molest cute school girl Miyuki-chan.

The ‘Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland’ manga ends with a characterization of CLAMP done by CLAMP explaining why they just did what they did to Miyuki-Chan.  They aren’t apologizing of course, just giving a little more background and insight into the thought process behind the story. I very much enjoyed this manga. The style of CLAMP, which is detailed characters with vibrant emotion sketched into every frame, is very evident in this manga, which was originally serialized in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten in New type Magazine from 1993 to 1995. The yuri-esque plotline is filled with an erotic humor as Miyuki finds herself in some very compromising and unusual situations. There is also an audio CD and anime version of this story; I will be on the hunt for these items next to see how they compare, although I have read that both do not have the full seven volumes that are included in the one book of the manga.

Whether you’re a CLAMP fan like me that must have it all when it comes to the amazing works of Satsuki Igarashi, Nanase Ohkawa, Mick Nekoi, and Mokona Apapa (their pen-names are subject to change and often do), or just a diehard fan of yuri, scantily clad women trying to rape school girls, school girls, and lots of panties, then ‘Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland’ is a must-read. Also, if you’re interested in seeing more of Miyuki-Chan, as with many CLAMP characters she has a few cameos in ‘Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle’, and also an appearance in the ‘CLAMP School Detectives’ anime – episode 15.


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