AWA 2010 Day 2 (Zippy)

Waking up on Day 2 was like finally recovering from a 48 illness, because as much fun as AWA Day 1 and the Thursday pre-events were I just felt sick on and off during both days. Thankfully though this morning I felt great, and Nick and I, with a busy schedule planned, got an early start and arrived at the convention for an early interview with Helen McCarthy. I’ll post that up later, but let’s just say I think Nick and I had both had a substantial amount of fun and just totally adore Helen even more now.

Finally feeling the effects of an early morning we decided to walk around, wake up a bit, and see some more of the copslayers. In the meantime our next interview with Laura Bailey was fast approaching so after a couple swings around the con we got stationed where we were directed to meet Laura and the Guest Relation rep. Thankfully while had to wait for some time our post had us overlooking the hotel main floor, so I was able to see not only a multititude of cosplayers walk by, and underneath, but I was also witness to the extremely large vocaloid shoot. My favorite character Black Rock Shooter was well represented, as was Miku of course, the twins, and even Big Al since my co-host The Cay dressed up again as the sole Big Al. I wished so badly to go down and take pictures; however, we had to continue to wait so as not to miss our interview. In this time Erica, who was to head up the interview, was feeling a bit ill sadly and nervous as well, so we would occasionally discuss interview topics, Laura’s roles, and more to get ourselves prepared for the interview.

In hindsight I feel we had little to worry about because, as we pleasantly discovered with all our guests thus far, they’re all amazingly nice, patient with us, and pleasantly chatty. While I’ll let you the reader decide, I felt very proud of Erica and her interview skills. Especially since this was Erica’s first interview to take part in and direct, I know the weight was that much more but the successes can be appreciated that much more as well.

Following the interview we were all feeling rather tired again, so we split up for a bit and went our own separate ways into three smaller groups. I went off with Nate and Erica to get early seats to the AMV Contest, one of AWA’s premier events, and thankfully we were quite successful. To achieve this we had to essentially sit through the majority of Vic’s panel, which was entertaining even though I knew many of what Vic’s answers would be already to the audience’s questions. We did get to see Fullmetal Fantasy again, which is always a pleasure. Nearing the end of the panel I wasn’t committed to staying at the AMV Contest yet, so I found Nick and after some further meandering we ended up returning and being able to sit with our friends anyways, which pleasantly surprised me.

I mentioned this before, but I want to emphasize that AWA’s AMV contest is nationally one of the best around. To best explain this let me say that even before the ‘Pro’ round AMVs ever show, featuring the cream of the crop, you will likely have already been blown away by the talent demonstrated in the ‘Expo’ category, which features their more general entries. Part of why AWA’s AMV Contest looks even more amazing is perhaps because they only feature the winner’s videos, since there is simply no time to show every AMV submitted. Each winner is usually the best in a category, best technical, best parody, etc., so it’s not like the AMV types get too repetitive either. I enjoyed really all of the AMVs I saw, but as usual I had a few favorites. Sadly though since I’m so behind on anime that I can’t even say what was featured, so maybe I can go back at a later date and update this with the AMVs or even feature a separate article all about the “AMV’s of AWA”.

Following the AMV Contest we went back to our media post; however, this time we were unable to get the interview so we just rested for the most part. I began to take some more photos before it got too dark in the building, and thanks to that I got a picture of a Mudkip, an Astronaut, and a couple other cosplayers as well. Sometime around then we decided to stop at the Artist Alley where I was able to pick-up a Vocaloid art piece, which with my Black Rock Shooter figure helps round out my previously limited Vocaloid possessions. Being hungry after our long day we decided to head out to grab some food, and then we rested at the hotel before Jaziel’s siter, Thom, and I returned for one or two concerts if possible.

Before heading to AWA on Thursday I did one final check on the website to see that Mayu, a cute Asian singer-songwriter, had been added to the music listings. Molice, the other musical artist scheduled to play, had been recommended to me via online blogs, and thanks to some early research I was more familiar with their work. In part due to Erica and me stopping by Mayu’s booth in the Dealer’s Room, and especially due to my love of singer-songwriters, Thom, Jaziel’s sister, and I decided to check out Mayu’s performance. While I’m sure Molice’s performance would’ve been excited, and we did try to catch it afterwards, Mayu’s performance was amazing. Mayu’s performance was simple, as was the setup, but she spoke with her voice and we in the audience developed an immediate connection with Mayu. She performed mostly original songs, with one Colbie Caillat single, and she mixed up English language and Japanese language songs. Sadly Mayu’s set was fairly short, lasting only seven or eight songs, so while the audience was audibly saddened when she said it was time for the last song I think we all deeply enjoyed our time with Mayu that evening.

As I mentioned before our hope was to catch both artists so after Mayu’s set ended we raced over to Molice’s concert only to see they had just wrapped up. Having regained some spark of life and energy the three of us then went on an hour long hunt for cosplayers one and all to take pictures of. My camera had died earlier in the day, much to my great disappointment, but thankfully Jaziel loaned me his to shoot with. Together I think the three of us shot many of the same cosplayers, and even the same poses, but we used our combined energy to get past shyness and ask cosplayers one and all for their picture.

While Saturday is always the longest day, I felt much more at easy than any of the days previous! Plus I got to do two exciting interviews, go to an awesome concert, and just generally check out all the cosplayers. Friday was awesome, but Saturday was the best day thus far!


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