Zippy Lately (September 13 – September 19, 2010)

Countdown to AWA!

1. Who? What? When? of AWA

Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) is one of the largest anime cons in the Southeast, and is likewise one of the top 10 largest conventions in the US. Celebrating its 16th year this weekend, AWA has left its mark by being the premier con for AMV competitors, by maintaining continuous dedication to bringing indie J-Rock bands, and by bringing a bevy of guests every year. While not yet on the level of Anime Expo, AWA provides the quality of a large convention while still being able to give the feel of a less crowded covnention.

2. Plans

With cons there’s always so much to do and so little time! So one must prioritize and for me these activities below I’ve listed in particular are what I absolutely hope to take part in. (Times below are in Central and are current as of 9/14/10)

  • Molice (J-Rock Concert) – Saturday Night
  • Podcasters Roundtable (Panel) – Saturday 3:30PM
  • Vertical Manga (Panel) – Sunday 3PM
  • Sentai Filmworks (Panel) – Saturday 6PM
  • Helen McCarthy (Panel) – Friday 5:30PM

3. Con Necessities

If you don’t already own How Not To Commit Hara-kiri: A Guide To Surviving Anime Conventions, which really is a must buy, then here are just a few brief items to remember for an anime con.

  • Soap, Toothbrush, etc.
  • Money (Cash esp. since ATMs run out and some Dealer’s don’t take cards)
  • Medicine (If you take medicine regularly now then why would you stop at a con? You wouldn’t.)
  • Extra Clothes (Esp. if you’re staying in a hotel)
  • Pre-Reg Confirmation (If you preregistered then likely you’ll have to bring a confirmation letter.)
  • Drivers license/Official Photo ID (Should be a no brainer.)

There’s so much more too con goers bring, but for myself I know the above is a must!


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