Interview with Mark Henry (Daigacon 2009 Con Director)

[Interview @ Daigacon 2009 Day 3 (Sunday)]

Zippy: This is Zippy here on Daigacon Day 3. I’m sitting here [with our guest] for the only leisurely moment Mark Henry has today as con director. How are you doing today and how’s the convention been going?

Mark: My feet hurt and I’m tired but the convention’s been going well.

Zippy: I know you must have all kind of things that have to go into this, but being Day 3 you’ve gotta be winding down. Feeling pretty good about what you’ve accomplished here?

Mark: Yes absolutely.

Zippy: I got to go to the last Daigacon so it was a very awesome treat to come back for this one. Glad to have it back. What were some of the changes you tried to make from the previous one to this one to make it the con it is today?

Mark: Part of it was a little bit of a staffing change. A lot of it was just a scheduling deal. This time we actually knew what our schedule was instead of having no idea what our schedule was for the next day. Thankfully we pulled it off last time without most people realizing that but it ran smoother this time so we didn’t actually have a lot of internal problems.

Zippy: Maybe it’s too early but do you have any idea what the plans might be for the future?

Mark: We have a few ideas on what we’re going to do for the future, but at this moment we’re going to not discuss them with other people until we have better solid information.

Zippy: That’s quite alright. Kind of figured that might be the case. Anyway it’s still the third day [and] things are still going on, [including] an autograph session now with all the great guests you have. So it’s alright feel free to enjoy the moment. Any words you’d like to share as con direction about maybe convention making, Daigacon specifically, any insight you can provide?

Mark: Don’t wear tux shoes for three-days straight on your feet.

Zippy: They look so snappy on you too!

Mark: They do. They look quite snappy, but they really hurt the feet after awhile. As far as Daigacon goes, it’s a pleasure working it and I’m looking forward to doing it again. We will do it again. Location-wise we’re not entirely sure but we’re going to stay in Kentucky because we are a Kentucky convention and we’re proud of that.

Zippy: Thank you very much [for speaking with me]. I definitely enjoyed the convention and hopefully you’ll get those shoes off and just be able to lounge and rest soon.

Mark: Thank you for coming.


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