Interview with Illich Guardiola (Voice Actor)

[Interview @ Anime Weekend Atlanta 2008 Day 2 (Saturday)]

Zippy: This is Zippy. It’s the 2nd day, Saturday, at AWA 14. I have the esteemed pleasure to be standing with Illich Guardiola voice actor extraordinaire. How have you been doing?

Illich: I’ve been great. It’s been a great convention. Really loving it. [It’s] my first anime convention so I’m having a good time.

Zippy: What kind of stuff have you been doing to take advantage of the time here?

Illich: I’ve done a couple of autograph sessions. I’ve also done a panel and had some discussion with the fans. That’s been the great think for me just talking with the fans and getting to know them. It’s a very humbling experience but cool, really cool.

Zippy: It’s probably gotta be nice too being at a convention like AWA where you have all the fans. [and] you also have some of your [fellow] voice actors too. The whole Houston crowd or at least a portion of them.

Illich: Yeah I’m here with a bunch of Texas VA’s. We’re the best VA’s in the world in my opinion…my humble opinion. I’m here with Monica Rial, Travis, Vic Mignogna, and a bunch of the Texas crew so we’ve been having fun. The nights can get pretty rowdy out here in Hotlanta.

Zippy: Glad you are definitely enjoying it so far. Like you’ve said this is your first convention. Are there any plans for ones in the immediate future or near future?

Illich: Actually I have been asked to go to Izumicon in Oklahoma so I’m going to be doing that next, and then somebody approached me today about a con which I think is in Boston maybe? I’m not sure…but yes I will be coming to more cons so keep a lookout for me and come meet me. I would love to see you guys.

Zippy: Aside from the conventions how’s your workload right now? You said in your panel you took the summer off, so how much do you have to make up for that?

Illich: [Laughing] I’m going to have to hit the ground running pretty soon. I decided to take the whole summer off and just kind of chill out and kind of cool my jets down, but now it’s time to flare it up again and have a good time. I love voice acting, and I love doing what I do so I’m very fortunate to have done it and I hope to continue to keep doing it.

Zippy: Thanks so much for talking with us, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the con.

Illich: Thank you.


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