Zippy Lately (September 6 – September 12, 2010)

1. Anime Weddings

Sorry for my absence last week but as can happen I had a friend of mine’s wedding to attend. Surrounded by the beauty and serenity of the rolling hills of North Carolina I began to think about anime characters (as I often do) and specifically weddings in anime. Perhaps due to my leanings towards shonen anime I had a hard time coming up with many, though they do exist, so I began contemplating which couples should get married and what they’re weddings would look like. I imagine Chidori and Sosuke from Full Metal Panic! would have a lovely wedding up until Sosuke blows up the cake. Tenchi’s wedding would just be mayhem to begin with, while Haruhi’s wedding would be perfectly Haruhi per her God-like abilities. Any thoughts on which characters you would like to tie the knot and what the wedding(s) would look like? Feel free to leave comments below sharing your thoughts.

2. BECK: Live Action Film

I rate very few anime with perfect 5 out of 5s; however, Beck deserves such high praise. I love the anime especially, and the manga is quite outstanding as well not to mention much more lengthy. While both the anime and manga are a few years old now, my dreams have come true as Beck has been adapted once more into a live action film! That’s right Japan in all its wisdom has birthed Beck again on the big screen. While of course I can’t be sure this film will be as awesome as the anime/manga, I already see a bright future for the movie thanks to the participation of Hiro Mizushima and Takeru Satoh. Despite their young age both actors have had time to shine in a number of J-drama roles. While it’ll be sometime before the film gets subbed (or perhaps licensed please!), I’ll be following its Japanese reception closely to see what people think.

Beck (Film) Official Twitter: @beck_movie

3. AKB48 (Official YouTube Channel)

If you’ve checked out my column for awhile then you know I don’t often miss a chance to post up a comment (and picture) of the lovely J-Pop group AKB48. Known for their bubbly PVs (music videos) almost as much as their music, fans now have a reason to celebrate as AKB48 has now debuted their own official YouTube channel. For now the channel has a few select PVs, as well as short clips featuring the different girls of AKB48. In their channel description they promise even more original content in the future so if you’re a fan of AKB48 then you should be sure to subscribe to get your AKB48 fix.

AKB48 (Official YouTube Channel):


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