Can’t Stop The Signal: Transcript of the Dragon*Con 2010 Firefly Group Panel

Hello all!  Just thought I’d bring back a little present from Dragon Con 2010.  This transcript was typed super fast on my laptop as it was happening so I paraphrased and there may be some mistakes.  Hopefully I got the point across 🙂

For anything I may have missed or just to get the full effect of the awesomeness of this panel, PLEASE go to the TFAW (Things From Another World) channel on YouTube.  The panel is posted there in 6 parts and is really entertaining to watch!

Hope you enjoy the transcript and there will be more Dragon Con posts to come! 


Question # 1:  I was wondering if there was a cant “Can’t Stop the Serenity” you would attend.

Summer:   The one in Texas my home state.

Morena:  Paris.

Jewel/Sean :  Maui! 

Question # 2:  Are you familiar with the “Firefly” comic book?  What do you think of the characters?

All:  I have no idea

Morena:  I never got the Blu Ray…

Jewel:  I was all sweaty and copulating…*turns to Sean Maher* I think it was with you!

*At this point, Morena’s phone rings.  At first she thinks it’s Alan Tudyk but it’s Nathan Fillion.  Morena then proceeds to put the call on speaker phone.  Here is the HILARIOUS conversation that follows*

Nathan:  *nervous* Do you know how to get a dent out of a car door?  Actually, it’s not so much of a dent as I need a whole new door.

Morena:   What do I look like a fucking mechanic?  *she then hands the phone to Jewel*

Jewel:  Who’s car are you driving?

Nathan:  Let’s not get into details.  I got somebody else I can call.  *hangs up*

*As soon as they hang up Jewel’s phone rings.  This time it really is Alan Tudyk*

Alan:  Hey have you heard from Nathan?

Jewel:  No….

Alan:  He borrowed my car a week and a half ago and I haven’t heard from him.

Jewel:  No, I haven’t heard from him *Alan hangs up*

*Now it’s Sean’s turn to play phone tag!  His phone also rings and it’s Nathan Fillion*

Nathan:  Can I borrow your car?


Nathan: Well, I know you’re not home but…


Sean:  Are you at my house?!  Don’t ring the doorbell my daughter’s sleeping!

Nathan:  Don’t worry, I’m in your car.  (audience laughs)

Sean:  Shit…..ok, but you can’t have it very long!  Have you been drinking?

Nathan:  Short answer  yes, with a but.  Long answer yes.   *Alan Tudyk beeps in on the other line*

Sean:  Hello?

Alan:  Can I borrow your car?

Sean:  I moved!  (audience laughs)  * Alan hangs up*

*Jewel’s phone rings again, and it’s Nathan Fillion*

Nathan:  You’re beautiful and talented!  Is this Morena?

Question # 3: What was it like to come back to the characters between the series and the movie?

Morena: It was like no time went by.

Jewel /Sean: It was just like another long, more spectacular episode.  River lost more marbles.  We just slipped back into it.
Sean: I got goosebumps.
Question # 4:  (To Summer)  If the series had gotten a fair chance, would your character have liked to have a love interest? 

Summer:  Yes, I envisioned her own ship and a jewelery business and someone to love.

Sean:  She had me!  (audience laughs)

Question #5: (To Sean and Jewel) How was it to reunite as couple in Warehouse 13?

Jewel : It was great!

Sean: It was also one of the more greuling shoots.  16-17 hour days…I couldn’t fall asleep from my cheeks hurting because we laughed so much.

Question # 5: Do you still get nervous when you get a new roll?

All: Yes! Everytime. 

Sean: I vomit alot. (laughter)

Question # 6: Have any of you all kept up with Mandarin Chinese? 

All:  No, not really…

Morena:  I remember a bit from “V” and I also did a bit of Japanese and Portuguese.

*Morena’s phone rings again, this time it’s her brother*

Morena: Hey, can I call you back?  I’m doing a panel at Dragon Con.

*audience screams and claps*

Morena’s Brother: Ok, sure call you later.

Question # 7:  When you get free time what TV shows do you watch?

Morena: “Modern Family”, “Dexter”

Jewel:  “V”, “Lost”, “True Blood”

Sean: “Nurse Jackie”

Summer: I don’t get that channel.  (audience laughs)

Question # 6: (Morena and Jewel) Did you ever see each other on set when you were working on Stargate?

Morena:  We didn’t do it at the same time.

*The person who asked the question yells “DAMNIT!”(audience laughs)

Morena:  I was working on “Ark of Truth” which was filmed at a different time.  Which by the way, they never told me I was going to be on fire! (audience laughs) I might have played the character a little differently had I known that.

Jewel: Yeah, Morena and I actually went to see “Ark of Truth” in the theatre and sat in the back row.  We laughed every time she came on screen, it was great!

Morena: It’s so nice to have friends that support you… (audience laughs)

Question # 7: So I heard that Nathan Fillion was the biggest prankster on set is that true?

Morena: (To Jewel) Hmmm…I don’t know…you got him pretty good didn’t you?

Jewel: I don’t know….hey, you remember the thing with the potato?

Morena: Yeah, wasn’t that Alan?

Jewel: ALAN DID IT!?!

Morena: I don’t know, maybe?!  I’m not sure.

Jewel:  Ok, see Nathan had just gotten a BRAND NEW car and someone put a potato in the exhaust pipe. (audience laughs) Nobody ever owned up to it and he was PISSED!

Morena:  Oh and it was so funny, he put Vaseline on Jewel’s trailer door once.

Jewel:  Oh yeah, REAL FUNNY!

Morena:  Well it was funny to watch you try [to open the door]  (audience laughs)  Ok guys, we need to come up with a prank to get Nathan!

(other random audience member):  You should give us his phone number!

(audience roars and claps)

Jewel:  He would be so pissed!  He would be sooo mad!

Sean:  818…. (audience laughs)

Jewel:  We could do it and then tell him Ron did it! (audience laughs)

Question #8:  Do you (in your acting roles) like playing characters like yourselves or different from your real personality?

All:  Different.

Sean:  Well, I find just when I start thinking I’m playing someone not like me, as I learn the role and get into the character I find they’re much more like me than I thought.

Morena:  Jewel was going to set up a joke about me being just like a whore…(audience laughs)

Jewel:  (laughing) I WAS!

Morena:  (To Jewel) But you were an even bigger whore on the show than I was! (audience laughs)

Jewel:  What?!  I was?! *pouts*

Morena:  Yeah! Didn’t you have sex with like 8 dudes?!

Jewel:  WHAT?! EIGHT?! (audience laughs)

Question # 9:  (To Summer) Did you enjoy playing a crazy person? [meaning River]

Summer:  She’s not crazy!  (audience laughs)  Just misunderstood!

Jewel/Sean/Morena:  Suuurrrreeee Summer….whatever you say….(audience laughs)

Morena:  (To Summer) Did you ever find your Marbles?

Summer:  *pouts* That was never funny!  (audience laughs)

Question # 10:  Do you get together with Joss Whedon for Sunday brunch?  (audience laughs)

Jewel:  He doesn’t return my calls.  (audience laughs)  Individually we all see each other a lot.  Summer and I have dinner together a lot.  Morena and I work out together and sometimes Sean comes with us, we do Pilates.

Sean:   We’re gonna talk later…. (audience laughs)

Jewel:  Nathan throws parties sometimes and invites us all.  He actually threw one today at 2:00  (audience laughs) Yeah, we all got messages, “Hey guys, come over!”  and we were like, “Did you forget we’re all in ATLANTA?!”  (audience laughs)

River:  Yeah and he still had it!  He didn’t even offer to wait until we got back!  (audience laughs)

Jewel:  Anyway, I think Joss tries to make every get together we have but he’s really busy.

Sean:  I think Joss loves Summer more (audience laughs and Summer poses) But that’s just me….

Question # 11:  What are your favorite stories and what stories have affected you the most?

Jewel:  Well, I think people were affected by Firefly…  (audience cheers)

Morena:   I read a lot…”The Great Gatsby” is one of my favorites  (audience cheers) Also Steig Larsson…”Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is really good.  I LOVE to read.  Oh, and if you haven’t read it yet “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” is amazing and very touching.

Sean:  I like to read TOO Morena!

Morena:  You read bed time stories!
Sean:  (laughs) Well, I love the show “Six Feet Under”.  It affected me the most and I think I miss it the most .

Summer:  I don’t wanna say mine!  I don’t want to be judged!  (audience laughs)

Jewel/Morena:  Nobody’s judging you!

Sean:  Yeah, nobody’s going to judge you!

Summer:  I feel like I’m being judged…  (audience laughs)  Ok, fine…my favorite movie is a 60’s movie musical “Camelot”  (audience cheers)  Umm, and I also really like “Gone With The Wind”, the “Rocky” series, stuff like that.

Jewel:  “Lost” was my favorite.  Even though the finale made me angry…  (audience laughs)  And they brought out that damn dog….when the dog lay down next to him I was sobbing, and I was like “Why did you bring out the dog?!  I’m mad at you,  I shouldn’t feel bad for you!”   (audience laughs)  Ooh, you know that reminds me!  Everyone, I want you to give me the finger!  (audience laughs)
*Jewel holds up her phone and takes a picture of the audience then takes another picture with her camera while Morena takes a picture with her phone as well*

Jewel:  I’m sending that to Nathan later!  (audience laughs)

(random audience member):  You should send it now!  (audience cheers)

Jewel:  You want me to send it now?! 

(audience):  YEAH!  (audience cheers)

Jewel:  Ok, I’ll send it now!  *she starts to mess with her phone*

Morena:  Do you need me to send it?  I’ll send it!  (audience laughs)

Jewel:  No, I got it….  (audience laughs)

*Morena and Jewel huddle together over the phone while Sean shows Summer pictures of his babies*

Summer:  (To Sean)  Awwww!  Where’s the new baby?  *Sean shows her another picture* AAAAAWWWWWWW!

Jewel:  Ok it’s done!  (audience laughs)

Emcee:  Ok, we have one last question and then we’ll have to wrap up the panel

(Everyone in the room):  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…..

Final question:  At this stage in your career,  are you all more worried about being type casted or more worried about making a living?

Morena:   Well I worry about both really.

Jewel:  Well, because when you finish a show you always feel like you’re never going to work again ever.  Even though that’s not true, it happens every time.  I think that’s why actors are a little insecure.

Sean:  Well are you referring to Sci-Fi in general?  Because I don’t think “Firefly” pigeon holed us.  And I never thought of “Firefly” as a Sci-Fi show.

Morena:  Are you on CRACK?!   (everyone laughs)

Sean:  Yeah but you were a prostitute!  (audience laughs)

Morena:  SPACE WHORE!  (everyone cheers and laughs)

Jewel:  I thought it was a family drama.

Morena:  What?!?!

Jewel:  Well no really!  I mean, it’s about people stuck in a situation they can’t get out of and they learn  a lot about each other and learn to love each other.

Morena:  Yeah, call ABC Family….  (audience laughs)

Jewel:  Ok, well before we go can I please take this time to embarass my husband?  It’s his birthday today….

Sean:  Everyone ready?  Happy Birthday to you…  (everyone sings “Happy Birthday”)

*End of panel*


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