Interview with Monica Rial (Voice Actor)

[Interview @ Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) 2008 Day 3 (Sunday)]

(l-r) The Cay and Monica Rial

Zippy: This is Zippy here at AWA 14. It’s Sunday and I’m standing here with Monica Rial. [It’s a] great pleasure to be talking to you. How has the convention been so far?

Monica: So far it’s been great! It’s Sunday. I’m exhausted. Travis and I did a little tequila contest last night so I’m kind of feeling that. Other then that I love AWA. Every year it’s great. The panels are always packed with great questions. So it’s been a good one. It’s been a really good one.

Zippy: Well that’s good to hear. I know you’ve done several panels, and just got out of one. Is there a panel that you hosted that you’d say is kind of your favorite to do? Or maybe this time you got a superb response for it?

Monica: I’d say probably the panel that we did last night the “Travis and Monica Unplugged” panel was pretty insane. I think people expected us to sing because it was ‘unplugged’, but really it was kind of Monica and Travis get to say whatever they want. So that was kind of fun and rambunctious.

Zippy: Yeah [that panel] made me wonder if it was after the drinking contest or maybe even during?

Monica: Maybe…kind of in the middle? Yeah. [Laughs]

Zippy: Well aside from some of the stuff that you’re directly involved with has there been anything in particular that you’ve had a lot of fun with [at the con]? Maybe hanging out with the other voice actors?

Monica: Oh yeah hanging out with the other voice actors is always a great time. We don’t get to see each other a lot since we all work individually, so whenever we get together it’s a lot of fun. Of course it’s a con and it’s a big con, so the dealer’s room is rad. I love the dealer’s room. I love going in and sticking [my head] in on other panels and messing with people and asking silly questions and running out. It’s been insanity this weekend but it’s been great. It’s been awesome!

Zippy: Well thanks very much for giving us a little of your time and talking with us. Hope you enjoy what little of the convention is left and have a safe trip back.

Monica: Awww! Thank you so much and you too. I hope you guys had a great time. [To any readers not present] It was awesome! You guys missed it! Come next year it’ll be rad!


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