Interview with The Man Power

[Interview @ PersaCon 2010 Day 2 (Saturday)]

Zippy: This is Zippy here at PersaCon with The Man Power. Chris if you don’t mind [please] just introduce yourself and introduce the band.

Chris Sexxx: What’s up world! We formed The Man Power a couple years ago. [We] weren’t really sure where it was going, and then we decided we found a niche in calling it comic book rock ‘n’ roll, where we basically play songs about girls, anime characters, Jackie Chan, and comic book related things. Our first convention we did actually was MTAC in Nashville, Tennessee three years ago. It was amazing cause one of our friends was the booker and got us on and we’re like yeah let’s see if we can do some more of these. We ended up at PersaCon [2008] after that actually and then it just kind of spiraled from there JAMPcon, QC Animazing, EXPcon in St. Augustine, Florida which is one of the best. We play a lot of these conventions. We play rock clubs too, but the conventions treat us best so if we could play conventions every day we would. Our music is straight up rock ‘n’ roll, Ramones meets Kiss, the fastness of the Ramones [and] the guitar solos of Kiss, and that’s it in a nutshell.

Zippy: Cody how did The Man Power form?

Cody Warhammer: Interestingly enough I wasn’t in the band at [the beginning]. We had Night Stick and Chris Sexxx. They both formed the band. They started off and they were just a rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse, and I loved them. I was actually a sound guy at a venue in Nashville, Tennessee and I met them through that venue. I think they played their second show at the venue and I was running sound for them. It was just an amazing rock ‘n’ roll show and I really was kind of speechless afterwards and Night Stick ended up… he’s actually here with us right now [at PersaCon].

Night Stick: Yo!

Cody Warhammer: He’s the old drummer. We’ve kind of gotten him in more of a position as a road manager. He helps us with our merch. table and stuff like that. [He’s a] real cool guy. I just kind of stepped in when he moved out of town. David and Chris were already in the band, and I just kind of stepped in and started playing drums. This is a little bit over a year ago now, and the rest is history.

Zippy: David first of all how did The Man Power name come to be, and second of all how would you describe the band musically. Or maybe you could even reference some of your influences?

David Debauchery: The first part of that question is the [band] name comes from a Morning Musume song.

Chris Sexxx: It’s called The Manpower!!!.

David Debauchery: Yeah that’s where our name comes from. We’re pretty much just a rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse that makes people dance, sing along, get people moving, get people sweating. What is it? You gotta make them sweat?

Chris Sexxx: I don’t remember.

David Debauchery: Oh darn we have a good quote. You gotta make them sweat to make them move? I don’t know.

Cody Warhammer: I think the actual quote was if they’re not sweating you’re…

David Debauchery: If you’re not doing it right you’re not sweating? Something like that. We have that tattooed on ourselves. [Band laughs] That’s sort of like our motto. We just sort of go by that. Pretty much every show you’re just going to get… a show. It’s entertainment. We’re entertainers and…

Chris Sexxx: We’re not musicians. [Laughs]

David Debauchery: We are somewhat musicians, mostly entertainers, and we’re here to entertain you.

Zippy: Do you have anything specifically laid out [for the future] cd plans, tour…?

Chris Sexxx: We working on a record literally right now. It’s called “Hide Your Daughters And Get Your Earplugs Here Come’s The Man Power”. It’s going to be our first full length. We have the EP out now that you can order from the website at some point maybe. You can definitely get it at a show. Come to a show [and] we’ll dance with you [and] you can get it there, but we have the new album coming out in August-ish. It’ll be available on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, but honestly I’m trying to sell buying the physical pre-order because you get a cool t-shirt with it. If you get the special one we’ll probably have a poster and a handwritten letter. The first 100 will get a handwritten letter from the band congratulating you on your life changing purchase of “Hide Your Daughters And Get Your Earplugs Here Come’s The Man Power”. We’ll personalize it, name, etc. in there. I’m sure some people will be down for that. For the rest of the year we have a couple cons booked in July we have Garashikucon in Ohio somewhere… hopefully. We’ve got DayCon in Clarksville, TN which is a one-day charity event show which should be pretty fun, so if you’re in Clarksville, TN it’s worth it because you’ll donate to the puppies and kitties.

Cody Warhammer: National Humane Society

Chris Sexxx: Yeah and we love puppies and kitties. Yeah! I love my kitties so that’s alright. In October…

[David, Cody, and Night Stick laughing]

You perverts! [Laughing] In October we’ve got EXPcon in St. Augustine, Fl. They’re going to have the voice of Mario, [and] the voice of Master Chief. They’re going to have Vegeta. They’re going to have Mega64. They’re going to have Belldandy from Ah My Goddess! and…

Cody Warhammer: And they’re going to have us…

Chris Sexxx: And hey! [Pause] They’re going to have The Man Power, [so] who cares about the rest. No the rest are great. It’s going to be a great show if you can make the journey. It’s going to be highly worth it. Other then that we’re just working on booking some other things. We’ll have a CD release show sometime in August I’m sure  in Nashville when it comes out. Check out our MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. [Our YouTube] has some really interesting videos including Cody taking his shirt off soon. That’s going to be a video on there. [Laughs] Live [concert] videos, compliations from conventions, [so] you can see our hijinxs and our craziness. That’s about that so be looking for that record. It’s going to feature special guest appearance from Gordon Roque, who’s also here this weekend playing a little keyboards here and there. So keep your eye out for that face melting record that will change your life.


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