Zippy Lately (August 9 – August 15, 2010)

1. X-Japan Rocks Lollapalooza!

Sadly I was not able to attend what likely would’ve been a premier moment in my lifetime; however, thanks to the internet I can at least witness X-Japan’s first concert in America. For those who are not familiar with X-Japan, they really helped make Visual Kei and likewise revolutionized rock music in Japan during their heyday in the 1990’s. After a break, and the death of one of their members hide, X-Japan reformed within the last few years with the hopes of touring across the world and specifically in the US. While the tour is still being crafted Lollapalooza this past weekend was a perfect test ground for X-Japan, and if the video’s are any indication then I think everything went amazingly well. Here’s a link to one of the many video’s shot at their concert, so check it out and see for yourself.

2. SukoshiCon

I know I’ve already discussed this once on one of my Zippy Lately’s, but that was to announce the con. This is actually the week of the con, so now I mention this to discuss my preparations! Since I do not cosplay I have it much easier than many con attendees in regards to planning, but of course I’m still taking a look at the schedule and seeing what all there is to do so that’s keeping me busy. I know for sure I’m going to try to enter some AMVs into the AMV contest. Aside from that I’ll be scoping out the dealer’s room and hanging out with friends, both those coming down with me and those we’ll be meeting up with. All in all SukoshiCon promises to be a great time and if you happy to be near/in the area then you should definitely come join us!



3. Proud Member of Naruto’s Forest

A little less than 2 months ago I came across an article that stated: “In celebration of the Naruto manga selling over 100 million books in Japan as of this past April, Weekly Shonen Jump publisher Shueisha and the PresentTree company have established a campaign to plant 7,610 trees on mountains in the Yamanashi prefecture to create “Naruto’s Forest.” To both hype up the campaign and engage fans, Shonen Jump created an English and Japanese language form to allow fans to put their information in and potentially win sponsorship of one of the many trees being planted. I entered and to my great surprise I was chosen to sponsor a tree! I’ll put a post up solely dedicated to this to showcase the letter I received, but I wanted to mention this here as well because this certainly is an awesome highlight for me.

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