Zippy Lately (August 2 – August 8, 2010)

1. Cat Shit One
Watership Down has nothing on this anime! Cat Shit One is the story of a fictional American recon unit, titled Cat Shit One, that is comprised of rabbit soldiers. Contrary to the manga of the same name, the unit in the anime seems to be fighting in either the Gulf War or the present Iraq/Afghanistan wars. While they look more like Wallace and Grommet characters than soldiers, these rabbits are no joke as they wipe-out an entire platoon of camel soliders (representing terrorists) in the first episode of the series. I heard significant hype when this show was announced, and now having seen the first episode I know I will most definitely continue watching the series. (Cat Shit One is being released in manga form in the US as Apocalypse Meow)
Social Networks are a dime a dozen these days; however, that being said there are some that still standout for all the right reasons. One that might not seem immediately of interest to otaku, but is I assure you, is For instance, the website allows people to catalogue the books they’ve read, are reading, or plan to read, including manga titles. Additionally Goodreads also gives people the ability to rate the books, or even craft reviews of them similar to now. Being a social network Goodreads also allows users to friend and message people, fan their favorite authors, join/create groups for favorite titles or authors, and even share their ‘have read’ list on their own blog or website. So if you’re a manga fan, or even just ‘bookier’ than most, you might find another community to foster your literary love.
3. Black Rock Shooter
Worldwide the internet has beget creativity in mass. Japan has often taken this a step further as highlighted by memes/content birthed on 2ch and Nico Douga Douga (JP YouTube essentially), which then become popular worldwide. One example that became more than just a meme and has now entered the commercial realm is Black Rock Shooter. Black Rock Shooter began as an illustration on Nico Douga Douga, then became a commercially successfull song by Supercell using Hatsune Miku’s vocaloid voice, only to then become an anime comprising both an OVA and music videos. I first learned of Black Rock Shooter’s thanks to some anime figure sites I peruse, where the multiple figures of Black Rock Shooters have become wildly popular. Shortly after that I finally listened to the song itself only to then see on ANN a little bit later that Black Rock Shooter was scheduled for an OVA. The OVA was just released recently subtitled in many languages, including English, so I got to check it out and quite simply I was markedly impressed. I won’t do a full review here; however, I will say that while I was on the verge before I am now officially a Black Rock Shooter fan.

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