No Rest for the Wicked

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“Oh, there ain’t no rest for the wicked…” – Cage the Elephant

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Zippy Lately (August 23 – August 29, 2010)

Otaku Feng Shui

Having now moved into my new apartment, with my fellow BBAMAJAM contributors Jaziel, Nick, and The Cay, I’ve realized the great potential for otaku and their living spaces. Specifically we can decorate our walls, rooms, hallways, etc. in a way that we see fit and, if blessed with roommates with such similar tastes as I am, we can truly ‘otaku’ up the place. Now seeing as how anime fandom is strongly tied to commercialism I had no problem bringing together what I’d collected over the years. This picture (seen above) is just a small section of my decor, but it serves as a great example of what can be done. Do you have an otaku’d out room? If so we’d love to see it! Feel free to comment below about what your room looks like, or if you’ve posted pics of it online feel free to post a link. We’d love to see our fellow otaku’s creativity.

Satoshi Kon: Dies at 47

In anime, as well as any medium, there are creators whose work you love and creators whose work you respect. If you’re lucky you get both. For me Satoshi Kon brought the best of both by presenting anime, both films and tv shows, that made you think, revel in the portrayal, and at the end of the day enjoy the masterful presentation. Sadly Satoshi Kon passed away this week at the age of 47; however, he will be remembered for some time by his fans. My first introduction to his works was during my early anime phase where I would only watch anime films. Seeing Perfect Blue at my university library I decided I’d give it a watch only to be introduced to one of the most spectacularly thrilling films and anime I’ve ever seen. From there I watch Tokyo Godfathers, a modern Christmas classic, Paprika, one of the few anime I’ve had the pleasure to see in theatres, Paranoia Agent, and Millenium Actress. Indeed Satoshi Kon will be missed, but I am certainly grateful for what he brought us in his time. I advise any of you not familiar with his works to check them out. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Starcraft II

10 years in the making Starcraft II is, or should be, every PC gamers dream realized. Now I’m not saying everyone should love the game 100%, because lets face it with that long a wait people have high expectations. What I am saying though is few games were as hyped as Starcraft II, and after the awesomeness of the original all the hype was indeed deserved in my opinion. While I’ve long been able to count myself as a Starcraft fan, only in the last week could I say I owned Starcraft II. While I may leave such a review to another BBAMAJAM contribute, let me at least say that personally I love every minute of the game. I feel as if I just picked up where I left off all those years ago. If you haven’t given Starcraft a shot before then I highly recommend it. Of course, if you have, then well I assume when the money comes you’ll be lining up for Starcraft II. I don’t blame you at all.

Zippy Lately (August 16 – August 22, 2010)

1. Suggestions? Comments? Complaints?

We’ve been running in one form or another for almost a year now and I want to take the time to see what you think? If you have any thoughts, opinions, suggestions, complaints, etc. just please go to the bottom of this post and write us a comment. This can be anonymous or not it doesn’t matter.

2. Moving!

Don’t worry the website is not moving. Instead four current contributors are, and all four are moving to the same household. That’s right myself, Nick, Jaziel, and The Cay (from Tokyo Tower) are all moving in to the same place this week. I sense a reality show! Seriously though aside from the move itself being a significant event in our lives I see this as being advantageous to the website and especially to our productivity. While the internet is a powerful entity ideas transmit even more quickly in person. Items we’ve considered, such as a podcast, may now potentially become a reality. Of course this may just be my optimistic nature divulging idealized hypotheticals; however, if our powers are combined I feel we can achieve much more than we have now so that we can give to you an sublime experience.


I’ve already discussed how the development of social networks can benefit otaku-dom in a roundabout fashion a la Now though more than ever before social networks have formed with the sole purpose of reaching the otaku fanbase. For ‘figureheads’, aka anime figure collectors, you too now have a community site in full swing in the form of I do not know if this is the only figure collection social network; however, I can vouch for it’s popularity and its addictiveness. I never saw myself being a figure collector, partly because I’ve shared so much personal space in dorm rooms, home with my family, etc. However, even before I knew I’d be moving in with my fellow BBAMAJAM club members, I found and caught the bug. Currently I still only have a few full figures (i.e. the pricey ones), but I’ve collected a number of the tradable/capsule figures and I’m loving it! My latest acquisition, a figure of Simca from Air Gear, I found this past weekend while at SukoshiCon. I’ve just added it to my page, so feel free to check out my profile and the site while you’re at it. I think you’ll find it to be a wonderful haven for us figureheads.