Whet Your Appetite: Dance/Upbeat J-Pop/J-Rock


I just threw this up in case anyone was interested in being introduced to some J-music. If there are any ‘genres’ you’d like to hear songs for then please comment and I can try to tailor a list to that request. I clearly went pretty diverse and indeed left out some appropriate artists such as Perfume, HALCALI, and more. So if you can think of more artists and/or songs that would fit then feel free to suggest them in the comments below.

(in no particular order and with varied styles)

1. AAA – “Dream After Dream”

2. w-inds feat. G-Dragon – “Rain Is Falling”

3. Zeebra feat. RYO the SKYWALKER, Mummy-D- “Butterfly City”

4. Sakanaction – “Native Dancer”

5. Boom Boom Satellites – “Kick It Out” [JP Version]

6. Shoji Meguro – “Burn My Dread” [Live Version]

7. Acid Black Cherry – “Black Cherry”

8. High and Mighty Color – “Hot Limit” [T.M. Revolution Cover]

9. Pierrot – “Yuuyami Suicide”

10. Maximum the Hormone “Rolling 1000 Toon”


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