Zippy Lately (July 19 – July 25, 2010)

1. SukoshiCon in Birmingham, Alabama

I mentioned 1-day conventions just a couple weeks ago, and already I have another one in my region! This convention is called SukoshiCon, and it runs from noon to midnight (or 10AM w/ VIP access) on August 14th. Sukoshi, which in English means ‘little bit’, is an appropriate title both for the length of the convention and the events offered. What I mean by that is obviously it’s a smaller time frame, but additionally SukoshiCon promises a ‘little bit’ of everything! Here’s just a taste of all that’s going to be offered: AMV contest, karaoke, Yaoi panel, rave, cosplay contest, dealer’s room, maid bar, gaming and much much more. I’ll certainly be in attendance taking pictures and taking part in the many activities going on. Hopefully I’ll see many of you there!

2. R.I.P. Peter Fernandez

Whenever I talk with non-otaku adults about anime, after seeing their puzzled looks, I almost always immediately hear these words “Anime? You mean like Speed Racer?” This is certainly no accident because for the American conscious Speed Racer is probably the first and most impressionable anime to hit the US. Say what you want about Akira, Miyazaki’s modern classics, or even Astro Boy’s popularity, but ultimately while many people may know of them, and a fair amount I dare say have watched some of them, Speed Racer still seems to be the most recognized anime by far. I mention all of these because sadly the voice and mind behind much of Speed Racer’s english adaptation, Peter Fernandez, passed away recently. Known primarily as the voice of Speed Racer, Peter also voiced Racer X and a myriad of other characters in future anime dubs. I had the pleasure to meet Peter at Anime Weekend Atlanta 13, and while we didn’t speak much I could tell that he and Corinne Orr, who voiced Spritle, Trixie, and many other female characters, were happy to see the love from all the convention goers, many of whom grew up listening to them. So even if you never watched Speed Racer, or grew up listening to Peter’s many characters, please take a moment to reflect on the early pioneer of anime Peter Fernandez.

3. Dir en Grey in America

Dir en Grey, no strangers to America’s shores, has announced that they’ll be returning again for a new tour beginning in August! This time they’ll be sharing the tour with the Finnish band Apocalyptica, which already has even my most passive metal fans jumping to get tickets. I had the chance to see Dir en Grey on their supporting tour for Uroboros and my friends and I had a fantastic time at the show. Now that I know and love even more of their music, which tends to happen after I see a band live, I’m seriously considering making the trip down to Atlanta to catch their show there. If you’re interested in checking out Dir en Grey in concert and joining in the revelry then click here to find their nearest tour stop.


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