Zippy Lately (July 12 – July 18, 2010)

1. Tales from Earthsea

Seems like only yesterday when Ponyo, Miyazaki’s latest feature film, hit the US movie theatre circuit. While there’s still a lot of time left before Miyazaki’s adaptation of ‘The Borrowers’ is released here, Disney seems to have found another of Ghibli’s work, Tales of Earthsea, fit for US theatres beginning on August 13th. This isn’t surprising since Tales from Earthsea is directed by none other than Miyazaki’s son, Goro Miyazaki, and while some feel the film still pales in comparison to his father’s work, for a directorial debut I feel it deserves to be in the Ghibli catalogue. If you know nothing of this film then I recommend watching the trailer (click here). Thankfully Disney has kindly stuck with distributing Ghibli films stateside in theaters. Hopefully we’ll earn that privilege with more people in seats for every Ghibli film released.

2. Full Metal Panic! Blu-Ray

I love a great many shows; however, as my ratings will sometimes show I’m very stingy with giving away 4.5 stars and especially 5 stars. While I haven’t officially reviewed any of the Full Metal Panic! manga, anime, or light novels I love them all, and I can already tell you many of them will break the mold and earn my highest rankings. To explain why I love them could take some time, so instead I’ll just speak to those of you who love the show, or haven’t yet been introduced, and let you know that all three seasons are going to be released on Blu-Ray! FMP: The Second Raid, the final season, already has been released, but both Full Metal Panic! (1st season) and Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu, the 100% hi-jinx season, are going to be released on August 31st and September 28th respectively. I don’t know much about how the show will look in Blu-Ray, but I’m quite optimistic and equally certain that I’ll be picking up all three of these blu-ray releases.

3. Anime Cakes

After briefly watching an clip on Food Network where someone made a beautifully constructed Spongebob cake, I began to wonder if many anime cakes have been crafted? I’m not unfamiliar with the concept of picture printed cakes, since we gave one to our friends at a convention (pic on right). However I’m looking for more original, better crafted cakes that take the 2D concept and turn it into a marvelous 3D cake! I’m sure there out there, and trust me I’ll be on Google looking, but if you know of any please make a comment below and post a link to the cake so I can check it out! 😀


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