Zippy Lately (June 28 – July 4, 2010)

1. Miyavi – Live in US

Some weeks there are all kinds of events and activities in my life that I can discuss. Other weeks there’s very little going on. This week is different because really there’s only one item worth mentioning – Miyavi live in concert!

My region has been very fortunate recently for Asian music fans because first we had Wonder Girls/2PM, later we’ll have D’espairsRay, and this week we have Miyavi coming to Atlanta! Out of those three Miyavi is the artist I’ve wanted to see the most, and the artist whose music I actually love the most. Therefore when I saw the concert announcement I was overjoyed, and I knew that I would be attending that concert. Now just a few days away I’m listening to more and more Miyavi and totally getting pumped for the concert.

I can only imagine this to be nothing less than awesome. With that I bid you adieu for now as I have more Myv (aka Miyavi) to catch up on.


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