Zippy Lately (June 21 – June 27, 2010)

1. PersaCon ’10

Thanks to being so close to a plethora of major cities I have the chance to go to many conventions. One’s like MTAC and AWA have become standard for me, but some I’ve only just begun attending. PersaCon is such a convention. I attended PersaCon last year for the first time and had a great time. While it’s certainly a smaller con than most I attend, it serves as a perfect in-between for the Spring and Fall con season. I’m going again this weekend, and while I’ll have fewer friends in tow I hope to have just as much fun!

2. D’espairsRay – 2010 Fall US Tour

As K-Pop and J-Pop/Rock invades the US, I’m excited to see more and more bands not just attending conventions but also going out on their own tours. On the Korean side the Wonder Girls have done this, and on the J-Rock/Pop side Jin Akanishi and Miyavi have tours coming up really soon, both I’d imagine will be quite successful. The latest announcement for to peak J-Rock fans interest is that D’espairsRay will be going on a Fall tour in the US. While D’espairsRay are no strangers to our shores, having played here previously on a couple occasions, to strike out with their own tour is exciting. Seeing as how they have a tentative date in a city near me, I may be able to go to this one as well so I’m quite excited.

3. Konoha Corner

Often times I enjoy reveling about podcasts because a) there are so many awesome ones available and b) I’ve developed attachments with many of the shows, first as a listener and then via shameless promotion. Today I’m going to discuss a podcast I haven’t even yet listened too, and the reason why is because a friend of mine, and fellow BBAMAJAM club member, is on said podcast. If the name doesn’t quite clue you in to the podcast’s topic let me just say it’s all Naruto all the time. Now this podcast doesn’t solely summarize eps. and chapters (although there is some of that). Instead, there are also lively discussions and debates, news pieces, con coverage, information about fan art, and much more. Of course, this is certainly meant for the Naruto fan, and specifically one who’s probably pretty caught up to, since there’s likely spoilers otherwise. So if you’re a fan of Naruto and want to check out a podcast that’d be up your alley, Konoha Corner could very well be the podcast for you.


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