Zippy Lately (June 14 – June 20, 2010)

1. “Tokyo Tower” Features Web Stream of 21st Annual Tokyo FM Earth Day Concert

I know it’s only been 2 weeks since I claimed ‘I certainly don’t mention much about” my show; however, this is an exciting event to trumpet and herald to J-Music fans everywhere! Essentially earlier this year, Earth Day 2010 to be precise, Tokyo FM recorded a live concert from Tokyo’s famous Budokan venue. At the time, Tokyo FM contacted myself and several other radio stations asking if we’d stream the show. Knowing how exciting this opportunity would be for my listeners and myself I of course said yes, and now with the show fully produced and sent to me by Tokyo FM I am ready to share it with the world. The concert features well known acts such as AKB48 and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra! If you’d like to listen in to the show, just stream us online via on Wednesday night 9PM to 11PM ET. I can’t thank Tokyo FM enough for letting us share this with you, and I hope that you will take the chance to listen in!


2. American Comics

I am certainly no expert in American comics or graphic novels, aside from perhaps manga. Instead we have Noodle to enlighten us on what’s going on stateside. That doesn’t mean though that I can’t revel in the few comics I read, which right now includes two new releases that are tie-ins with shows/movies that I already love! First of all there’s the Boondock Saints comic that was just released. Aside from a shaky belief that this is the director Troy Duffy’s first Boondock Saints comic, all I know is that I pre-ordered mine early enough to get it signed by Troy Duff himself! I was so excited about this that I immediately stored it somewhere special and frankly haven’t gone back to read the story yet. I know that’s an oversight on my part but I fanboy strong when I do.


The second comic is the new Firefly comic, approved by Joss, called “Float Out”.This is a one-shot story about Wash, the cheerful, and deftly skilled pilot of Serenity. I actually did read this one immediately after picking it up from Books-A-Million, and I have to say being a Wash fan (who isn’t?) I felt it was a wonderful addition to the ‘verse’. Simply put the book is touching and will revive, as all new Firefly media does for me, that fondness I always have for the show. I plan on going more in-depth into “Float Out” in a review later; however, again if you’re a Firefly fan this is a must.


3. Ripped: How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music
While my reviews rarely reflect this truth my main love is and perhaps always will be music. Following that my love of technology and cultures, of course Asian culture especially, comes in tied for a close second. Therefore when I find a book that ties in all three loves I have to buy the book. Thankfully more often than not I like the book.  In the case of Ripped, which has chapter titles like “He was 13 and kicking our asses”, referring to Conor Oberst’s rise to popularity, and other informative chapters regarding today’s independent, digital music scene, I absolutely love the book. While I’m not quite finished with the book, already Ripped has already introduced me to so much; an idea I’d have presumed difficult prior to reading this book if only because of how well versed I imagined myself to me. Well thankfully Ripped has taken me out of that delusion, and with every page I continue thirsting to learn more, find more, and delight in more of what today’s digital revolution can give music, and what Ripped can give me. Oh and lastly perhaps appropriately enough I’m reading this on a Kindle.

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