Review: Biomega Vol. 2

Hallelujah Biomega volume 2 is here!  This series is really starting to get me excited.  Being a fan of cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic stories and Russian bears, Biomega has just about everything I ever wanted to see in a manga.  This volume is much richer in story and dialogue.  The first volume was just the tip of the iceberg I have a feeling. 

Volume 2 starts off with the capture of Dr. Kurokawa and his daughter.  Dr. Kurokawa is the lead researcher at TOA Heavy Industries.  His research will likely prove invaluable to the human race.  Now Zoichi must undertake a rescue to save Dr. Kurokawa and his daughter so that they can get to the secrets locked in the doctor’s lab.  Hopefully the doctor will lead to some clues that will help Zoichi find Eon Green, the girl he was looking for in the first volume. 

In another part of the world another TOA Heavy Industries’ agent named Nishu is looking for Kozlov Grebnev, the AWESOME bear from volume 1.  We learn a few secrets about good old Kozlov and find out that there are other not quite human beings working for TOA. 

This volume of Biomega gripped me pretty damn good.  There is much more dialogue and exposition in this volume, and in some ways more action.  Some good suspense is built with all of the new and continuing stories.  I feel that we have so much more to see from this series that we have not even begun to see the beginnings of what Tsutomu Nihei has in store for us. 

Basically of you took my advice and bought the first volume and enjoyed it you are going to enjoy this volume as much if not more.  So go ahead and keep reading and you won’t be disappointed.

Go buy it and love it.

Four and a have motorcycle AIs out of 5.


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