BBAMAJAM’s Next Top Artist (Preview)

For those of you who may not be aware of this fact, originated as an extension of our anime club, also BBAMAJAM, and our club activities. Therefore from time to time we may feature content that specifically ties into our ongoings at club.

That being said “BBAMAJAM’s Next Top Artist” almost speaks for itself. To clarify though this was a contest, devised by our friend and club member Jaziel, which we held recently where like in a reality show we had various stages of competition, unique challenges along the way, and of course the rise to the top for one and the sad letting go for many more. We had a lot of fun with this event and decided early on to record the competition for online viewing. While we haven’t published any full videos yet, I thought it’d at least be a good idea to ‘tease’ the future videos. So sit back and enjoy our opening segment for “BBAMAJAM’s Next Top Artist”.


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